Apple Store In Rio Rancho at "The Village"?

The City of Rio Rancho approved a Tax Increment Development District (TIDD) for a shopping mall called The Village at Rio Rancho. The outdoor shopping mall would be located near the recently built Cabezon subdivision where they are building the Presbyterian Rio Rancho Medical Center. The shopping mall is described by Flickr user sebypires as “similar in concept to the ABQ Uptown Center in the uptown district in the Mid Northeast heights area of Albuquerque”

ABQ Uptown is the location of the sole Apple Store in the Albuquerque area and if The Village is similar in design, I speculate that this is where Apple would build a store. There needs to be an Apple Store on the west side of Albuquerque (for those of us that frequent them) and as a citizen of Rio Rancho, having it actually in Rio Rancho is even better.

Like most projects planned for the city, I am skeptical. This project is planned to start the summer of 2010 so I will soon see.


Orthodox Jews Demonstrate Against Intel


AMD isn’t the only one that dislikes Intel. Some Jewish persons don’t like Intel too..

Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews have demonstrated at Intel Corp’s new electronic chip plant in Israel in protest against work taking place at the site on the Jewish sabbath.

The protesters said on Saturday it was a desecration of the Sabbath, which runs from Friday night to Saturday night.

They were dispersed by police and a company spokesman said the plant was operating within the law and would continue to do so.

Intel, the world’s biggest chip manufacturer, opened the west Jerusalem plant for installation work before its inauguration on Sunday.

Where these people don’t like Intel for religious reasons, some in Coralles, New Mexico think Intel is poisoning them.

Please understand that the new chemicals that are being used up there are causing illnesses as serious as we had in the 1990s. Vison is blurred, eyes are burning and skin is peeling off the eylids. One breath of the toxic air causes choking, coughing and in Patricia’s case gasping for air. The toxins collect in her west side patio and in her house. With me it settles all around my property and comes in the house. This morning my eyes were swollen shut and inflamed I could hardly see. Each day my vision seems to be getting worse

I should note that the State of New Mexico cleared Intel of making people sick in 2004 but that decision was very controversial.

Solar Array Ventures Inc. Is Moving To New Mexico

What’s good news for Albuquerque is bad news for Austin. New Mexico offered the Texas company Solar Array Ventures Inc. (SAVe)such good incentives that they are moving the whole company, headquarters and all, to New Mexico. They wont say exactly what New Mexico offered.

The City of Albuquerque website says the factory will be built on the west side on Cordero Mesa near I-40 on Paseo del Vulcan and could employ up to 1000 people in 5 years. Assuming Texas doesn’t pull a Tesla and manage to keep SAVe in Austin.

Oddly, not a single Albuquerque TV news site has an article on the company coming to Albuquerque that I can find.

Best Comment Of The Day

There’s a giant sink hole on Paseo Del Norte, a major artery through the west side of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. The following comment was posted on the KOBTV’s article on the road closure.

Well, those crews had better get busy! I need to use that road to get to TD’s every day for my daily fix of skin and wiggles!

TD’s is a strip club in Albuquerque.

A New City Near Rio Rancho?

I’m for new cities near Albuquerque. A diversity of city management is a good thing. Looks like there’s a possibility of a new city west of Rio Rancho being built over the next 30 years. I hope the county addresses the issue of roads. Right now there are no freeways out that way and as far as I can tell, no plans for any.

An Arizona developer wants to build a new community in Sandoval County that eventually could have 70,000 residents.Recorp of Scottsdale wants to build the community about ten miles west of Rio Rancho.The community would be called Rio West.Recorp has submitted a master plan for about 12-thousand acres to the county.

Also looks like Albuquerque plans to add a chunk to the city the size of Rio Rancho, on the west side of course. Actually planning this development out ahead of time would be the ideal situation, since Albuquerque has done a really crappy job of this so far.

Helicopter Shooter Arrested

The guy who allegedly shot down the helicopter on the west side of Albuquerque has been arrested.

Authorities said they arrested Jason Kerns, 29, Monday night in the driveway of his home in the 9900 block of Columbus Circle in northwest Albuquerque — not far from where the crash happened Aug. 6.

As part of an arrest warrant released Tuesday, Kerns was said to be one of the first on the scene the night the chopper went down. Court documents indicate that Kerns came under suspicion almost from the get-go.

He stated hearing a gunshot and seeing the chopper fall, but police officials stated his story was misleading.

In a written statement, Kerns describes the chopper as disturbing his dog and said he was getting annoyed because it was there so long and flying so low.

Sheriff’s records released Tuesday showed that Jason Kerns told investigators it would be no problem for him to “make that shot.” He faces charges of assault with intent to commit a violent felony upon an officer, criminal damage to property and tampering with evidence in the Aug. 6 shooting.