The Solar Eclipse In Albquerque

Eclipse Sunset

Photo by bobthemtnbiker on flickr.

The (solar) annular eclipse was visible in Albuquerque this year right before sunset. Many people attended viewing parties on the west mesa or their homes. I managed to get out of work in time to see the eclipse at a party in Corrales. I think the eclipse was more fun when viewed with friends.


West Mesa Skeleton Is Not a Chupacabra

This thing has been making news around here. The chupacabra is a little gargoyle type creature that exists in Latin American folklore, it was even on a episode of the X-Files.

Someone found a skeleton out on the west mesa that looks weird and since it’s just the bones it must be a chupacabra, turns out it’s a “ocean skate“. You got to admit, with it’s face all smashed down and all, it looks pretty freaky. Its even stranger that it ended up out in the middle of the desert but people dump all kinds of crap out there including couches, car bodies, human bodies, hot water tanks and now sea creatures.