Obama Visted Intel In Chandler, Az

U.S. President Obama Speaks at Intel's Fab 42

President Barack Obama to Arizona speaking at Intel’s Fab 42, a state of that art chip manufacturing plant under construction in Chandler, AZ on January 25, 2012. from Intel Photos on Flickr

AZCentral.com has three articles about President Obama visit to the Intel site in Chandler on Thursday.

Obama or Intel haven’t made any friends with the construction workers according to the article “Obama’s visit tests readiness at Intel“.

One necessary requirement for hosting the president was shutting down construction for a day on the Fab 42 site, which didn’t sit well with all of the project’s roughly 3,000 active workers.

Some complained that they would not be paid for the unscheduled day off.

Jones said the one-day hiatus would be handled the same as if a thunderstorm had rolled into town Wednesday. A make-up day will be scheduled, and crews will be paid to work that day, instead, Jones said.

Apparently the 6000 people that came to see Obama’s speech had to stand for hours and many got sick doing so according to the article “Thousands wait for hours to see Obama“.

He would not be the only one on whom the day took a toll. Some left in wheelchairs, some walked out on their own, but clearly even a perfect January day can be a bit overwhelming after standing in the sun for hours on end.

There was the expected political nonsense from people who didn’t vote for Obama in the article “Leaders: Obama had no role in Intel project“.

Weninger said he sees the president’s visit as a political move by Obama to take credit for the Intel project. “I respect the president and am happy he is coming to Chandler and highlighting Intel and our great business community,” he posted on his political Facebook page. “I’m just saying it’s not true if he insinuates that his policies led to this expansion. It didn’t. When you couple his press release with the visit a day after the State of the Union, it’s hard to come to a different conclusion.”


Life-Threatening Rio Rancho Schools Sound Like A Terrible Place

Rio Rancho schools sound like a real scary place to send your kids according to a commenter in the latest edition of Rio Rancho Observer’s Rants and Raves. The comment is related to the ongoing debate of teaching of intelligent design and evolution and the election of school board members who believe in the former.

“The Ranter who wrote for the Feb. 8 edition of The Observer doesn’t have an understanding that the vote spoke for itself. Parents knew what they were voting for to help settle their fears. Changes are needed at the schools. The overcrowding, gang fights, shootings, beatings, suicides, teen pregnancy, rapes, teachers having affairs with students, disobedience, fowl language, indecent dressing attire and lack of funding are the needs for change. If the Supreme Court personnel had the life-threatening conditions the children have, prayer in school would be reinstated soon. The Ranters main agenda is to have evolution taught which is against the parent’s wishes. There’s no accountably, no discernment, no conscience from right or wrong and the wicked and perverse actions are ruling. Our children deserve better. The vote spoke for the schools needs and the children will eventually feel safer. God bless our children and give them protection.”

Council Votes No Confidence In Mayor Jackson, Makes Way For Councilor Palpatine

The Rio Rancho City Council unanimously voted no confidence in Mayor Kevin Jackson. The Mayor position is apparently more of a figure head and the council cannot force him out. They would have to take him to court to get him out, which doesn’t seem likely.

He wasn’t in town for the vote, he was in Taos for a conference and lost his cell phone. How convenient. Every one seems to think he has no choice but to resign.

New Mexico Might Declare Pluto a Planet

What the hell? New Mexico Might Declare Pluto a Planet (Via Slashdot.)

“Wired and others are reporting that for New Mexico, the fight for Pluto is not over. Seven months after the International Astronomical Union downgraded the distant heavenly body to a ‘dwarf planet,’ a state representative in New Mexico aims to give the snubbed world back some of its respect. State lawmakers will vote Tuesday on a bill that proposes that ‘as Pluto passes overhead through New Mexico’s excellent night skies, it be declared a planet.’ The lawmaker who introduced the measure represents the county in which Clyde Tombaugh, Pluto’s discoverer, was born. For many of us old timers, and those who had the honor of meeting Clyde, this just causes a belly laugh and is pure fun. Not to mention a bit of poking a stick in the eye.”

Can't Vote For People Not In Your District

Election officials in Santa Fe, Taos and elsewhere in Northern New Mexico are fielding complaints from early voters who are upset they can’t cast a ballot in the caustic congressional race between Heather Wilson and Patricia Madrid.Residents of those areas must endure televised attack advertisements aired by the candidates on Albuquerque stations, but the 1st Congressional District where Wilson faces Madrid is limited to the Albuquerque area, Torrance County and parts of Sandoval and Valencia counties.”We’ve had hundreds of calls from people who’ve completely forgotten about Tom Udall,” said Denise Lamb, head of the Santa Fe County Bureau of Elections.

Funny stuff.

Valle Vidal Protection Act

The Valle Vidal Protection Act is scheduled for a vote Monday in the U.S. House of Representatives, the office of U.S. Rep. Tom Udall, D-N.M., said Friday. The bill would ban oil and natural-gas drilling on 102,000 acres of Northern New Mexico’s high-mountain valleys and forests, an area controlled by the U.S. Forest Service.

Wondering what this is all about? It’s about protecting some the of most incredible outdoor areas in New Mexico. Some would like to just strip off all that eye candy and get to the natural resources underneath, thankfully there are a lot of people that want to protect it.