External Link: Past airline mergers indicate Phoenix-area will sorely miss US Airways' headquarters

Past airline mergers indicate Phoenix-area will sorely miss US Airways’ headquarters From azcentral.com

US Airways executives decided nearly a year ago that if they merged, the Tempe headquarters would move to Fort Worth, Texas, and the airline would be called American.

But they’ve promised to maintain a big presence in metro Phoenix and keep the Sky Harbor International Airport hub. And they’ve hinted at new routes that could include Phoenix-London.

The promises might have been lifted straight from news releases that United and Continental airlines issued in 2010 when they merged and moved Continental’s headquarters from Houston to Chicago. Or from the release that Delta and Northwest issued in 2008 when they announced their merger and their plans to move Northwest’s headquarters from Minneapolis to Atlanta.


Why I Don't Watch CNN

On Thursday afternoon I was at Sky Harbor airport waiting for a flight from Phoenix to Albuquerque on US Airways. About 15 minutes to the flight boarding I notice everyone watching something on the screen and I can see “breaking news” and “US Airways” displayed. I get closer to hear and it’s the story about some pilots complaining about not having enough fuel.

How exactly is this breaking news? It might be news but it’s hardly breaking news. It’s just more evidence to me of sensationalism by the news network especially since it was broadcast on CNN’s Airport Network.

The girl at the US Airways counter had to make an announcement about the situation to calm everyone that there is enough fuel on the plane. Not that I exactly noticed people panicking.

I’m not taking sides here. I just don’t see an immediate danger that requires over hyping this story. Breaking news might be appropriate if planes were actually crashing due to not enough fuel. This was just stupid.

I don’t watch the news networks and I can barely stand to watch the local news anymore. Thank you Internet for giving me choices for news.