Poetry At Turtle Mountian

Join us for the inaugural poetry open mike in Rio Rancho at the Turtle Mountain Brewing Company ( 3755 Southern Boulevard ) on Monday June 4th, 2007 at 8 PM.

This will be the beginnings of a new reading in Rio Rancho, so all the help we can get the better.

Not my thing, but cool anyways. Link.

Talking Urinal Cakes Stolen

I would have never imagined creating this sentence. Turtle Mountain Brewery company has had it’s anti-drunk driving talking urinal cakes stolen. If you do a search for “talking Urinal Cakes” you will learn how the Rio Rancho based Turtle Mountain is the first to get them in New Mexico.

I saw the report on channel 4, I will update with a link once they decide to put it up.

Update 2/20/07 10:22PM] Here’s a AP article.

At the Turtle Mountain, the urinal cakes have proved so intriguing that three have been swiped already. “I’m mystified why someone would stick their hand into one of our urinals,” Ortiz said. “But I’m sure we’ll see them on eBay. Hopefully, the seller will advertise it as, `Stolen from Turtle Mountain.'”