Google Page Rank Update Kills Traffic

Google has apparently made a page rank algorithm update on about June 23rd 2011. I can tell because traffic at has dropped to about 1/100 of it’s normal traffic.

This is not the first time a Google PR update has affected traffic negatively and I’m hopeful this will be a temporary situation as it has been before.


What Google Takes Away, Google Gives Back

At the end of last year Google did something with its page rank algorithm that caused my site to loose most traffic from Google. I thought the problem was due to excessive load times on my site. I used Pingdom to narrow the load times to a javascirpt from a WordPress contact form plugin. The javascript took about 4 seconds to load and was loading on every page, including pages that did not have the contact form.


Once disabled the load times were down to a more reasonable level, although they have crept back up according to Google Webmaster Tools. As far as I can tell it’s images causing the load times. It was a good exercise for me to understand load times but it was a change made completely on Google’s part that caused the loss in traffic. The site not only got the traffic back but it increased a little. Also, when the traffic did come back the site had a significant increase in comment spam, so much that I had to turn off comments for certain posts.


Meanwhile, I took a much need break from the blog and completely ignored everything (except approving comments) and missed that TechCrunch linked to one of my pages. Causing a nice spike in traffic.

Google Doesn't Like Me


Google has decided to stop sending people to my site. Most of my traffic comes from Google searches.


It might be because it’s taking too long to index my site (in milliseconds). I can’t seem to figure out what is causing this.

Update: According to Google Webmaster Tools, Google has no back links to me at all, which is a change from before. Hopefully Google will restore these in the near future.

More On Roundabouts

The City Of Rio Rancho publishes more information about the safety of roundabouts.


Improve Safety
Reduction in fatalities, reduction in injuries, reduction in all crash types, reduction in the severity of a crash if it does occur, slower speeds which allow drivers more time to react to a situation, and generally safer for pedestrians because they need only cross one direction of traffic at a time at each approach

Idiots Shouldn't Have Children

From Rio Rancho Observers’s Police Blotter.

Mark T. Marshall was arrested on three charges of child abuse after allowing his 11-year-old son to drive his large truck while he rode along side it on a bicycle. Marshall’s son was involved in a collision with a semi-truck, because he failed to yield to westbound traffic. Marshall’s 9-year-old son and his 6-year-old daughter were also in the vehicle at the time.

Santa Ana Star Centers First Hockey Game

IMG_0042.JPGThe New Mexico Scorpions (not those Scorpions) played last night to a sell out crowd of over 6000 at their first game (they say it was sell out but there were plenty of empty seats). I have to say it was pretty cool to be able to go less than 10 minutes away to watch this game. Well, 10 minutes if I had my own private road.

Not surprisingly, Unser road was not complete and not surprisingly, traffic was backed up for some time. City officials were there at the game and seemed pretty proud of the new arena, but they should be ashamed that that Unser road wasn’t completed in time for the event. I doubt many from Albuquerque will be willing to make the trip again with those road conditions. Thankfully I know the back ways through Northern Meadows and North Hills so i was able to avoid the traffic, even though it was like driving through a maze (and a little four wheeling).

As for the event itself, it was a good time. The Scorpions lost to the Arizona Sun Dogs 3 – 1, they looked like they haven’t played together in 18 months. The concession stands also didn’t quite have their act together. I wish they had some local businesses in there like the Isotopes Stadium does. This should all improve over time.

Unser Road Construction

Unser & AbrazoUser road is one of the main drags through Rio Rancho. It use to only take you to North Hills (where I lived when I first moved to New Mexico), it now takes you to the new Down Town Rio Rancho, along with all the house developments besides North Hills. It’s deplorable that with all the housing and the down town that the road is still only in progress of being widened from 2 lanes (no center lane) to 4 lanes. Anyone that’s been at the intersection of Unser and Northern about 7am can testify that this road should have been completed with construction about two or three years ago.

The Scorpion’s play at the new Santa Anna Star Center in the new down town on 27 October. I don’t see anyway that they will have this road paved in a week and ready for traffic. The other road leading to the events center is Paseo Del Volcan, which Cocoposts explains how the whole United States paid for the majority of the road. In fact, I think the whole country paid for most of the Unser expansion too. Thanks USA!