Bugatti Driver Possibly Toots Own Horn On Arizona Freeway

Youtube video “Bugatti Veryon High Speed Runs x7″

From the the Reuters article “Arizona authorities furious over 215 mph Bugatti video

Arizona police are seeing red over the driver of a Bugatti Veyron luxury car who seems to have given himself the green light to drive over 215 miles per hour on a public freeway.

A roughly three-minute video that surfaced this week purports to show the mystery motorist reaching those speeds during seven adrenaline-charged runs in 2009.

Best quote from the article:

“We have these clowns do this from time to time,” Graves said. “They don’t care about what could happen. They just want to toot their own horn.”


Viewing The Sites On The Drive From Albuquerque To Phoenix

This week we made a trip to Arizona. Since I’m from there, still have family there and have rental property there I make these trips quite often. Usually I make a straight trip there from Albuquerque to Flagstaff then down to Phoenix. I can make it in less than 8 hours this way. This time however my girlfriend and I decided to take our time and check out the sites along the way. We got a late start that day. I was waiting for a package delivery from UPS and they didnt get here unitl about 2:30pm.

ArizonaThere isn’t a whole lot to see between Albuquerque and the Arizona/New Mexico border. There are several places we could have stopped but will have to save them for next time. First stop was the Petrified Forest National Park In Arizona. The wind was really bad that day and the smoke from the Tucson fire was blowing into the area. I could barely hold the camera still. The park service charges $10 per car, which seemed a bit expensive. The painted desert is beautiful. The main part with the petrified trees was kind of sad. Before the area was a national park people came and took parts of the peterfied wood, so there wasnt a whole lot to see there.I can imagine what it looked like before most of the larger pieces were removed. The park is now protected, so noting can be removed from it.

ArizonaWe got there about 6pm. The park closes at 7pm. So we started heading out at 6:45 when we were about half way through it only to see people still heading into the park. It was after 7 and were wondering why no one else is leaving. After were a few miles down the road I realize that New Mexico time is 1 hour ahead of Arizona time. So the park time was 6, not 7.

Once we got to Flagstaff it was night time and we were tired. We stayed at a Holiday Inn right near the freeeway. If your ever in Flag try no to stay there. There are train tracks about 2000 feet away. The train came buy at least 3 times that night and just had to toot his horn every time.

ArizonaOnce we left Flagstaff we headed to Sedona via State Route 89A. I was hoping to check out Slide Rock in Oak Creek Canyon. We just wanted to go down and take a look, but the park service wants $10 per car regardless of wether your getting in the water or not. We chose to no go this time. None the less the drive through the canyon was nice.

Once we arrived at Sedona we pretty much just checked out the main drag. A tourist trap with lots of shops. Nothing that interesting to see there. They do have tours that take you around which I’m sure are much more interesting. I’ll be posting more on my trip back to New Mexico.