It's Scorpion Season

I missed this KRQE news story last week “Scorpion season brings fright, stings” which indicates it’s the time of year to see scorpions.

Entomologist Alan Feuer says scorpions are born earlier in the year, and by now they have grown to 2 or 3 inches becoming much more aggressive, so people are seeing them now.

In the video they say that this year is not unusual for the number of scorpions.


First Snow In The Albuquerque Area

I actually saw snow this evening at my house, though it could barely be called snow. None the less I am calling it snow. It was very very light, but they were flakes. It just left the cement a little wet. It was pretty darned cold out, about 20 degrees less than the normals for this time of year. So much for global warming.

I chose to contribute to the green house effect by running a fire in the fireplace for most of the evening.

Good To Be Back Home

Haven’t been in the blogging mode the last several weeks. My company sent me to Arizona for an assignment, which pretty much sucked

Normally I would have jumped at a chance to go to Arizona for free. But its hot and miserable in Arizona this time of year. Then I caught a cold and was sick for the first two weeks. How does someone catch a cold in 100+ heat? Someone broke into my rental car. Thankfully it wasn’t my own car and I didn’t leave anything in the car. It was still a hassle and lost most of a day dealing with it

Anyway it’s good to be back home.

Austin 2001

Downtown Austin

Another business trip this time to Austin in July of 2001. It’s pretty miserable in Austin in July (humidity) and hope to never go at this time of year again. I also have a hard time being where there are no mountains. Weird. But their capital building is beautiful and the Alamo is over hyped.

You can view the complete set of