The Wright Amendment

Former Mayor of Albuquerque Jim Baca on his blog Only In New Mexico posts “Somebody Do Something“.

Mayor Berry and Governor Martinez. There is a new giant economic time bomb ticking for the Duke City and it will go off in one year. Next October a federal law known as the Wright amendment will sunset. This is the law that required Southwest Airlines to land their aircraft in bordering states before continuing on to any other destination. This amendment was a deal worked out decades ago to make sure that the new Dallas-Fort Worth Airport would be able to pay off their bonds by trying to force airlines to use its facilities. The amendment said any airline that flew out of the old Dallas Love field had to land in a neighboring state. Southwest stayed at Love Field. So Albuquerque became a major stop for all Southwest flights. Ever wonder why there were so many flights from here to Las Vegas? Because all flights out of Dallas Love had to stop here first.

More on the Wright Amendment from Wikipedia.

The Wright Amendment of 1979 is a federal law governing traffic at Dallas Love Field, an airport in Dallas, Texas, USA, with some provisions also applying to other airfields in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex including Fort Worth Meacham International Airport, Fort Worth Alliance Airport and Addison Airport. It originally limited most non-stop flights to destinations within Texas and neighboring states. Additional states were added to the permissible area in 1997 and 2005. In 2006, the amendment was repealed but left some restrictions intact until October 16, 2014 but with an added restriction on the number of gates allowed.

Texans Get Trapped In New Mexico Snow For Two Days

We in New Mexico like to make fun of Texans and the silly things they do when they are in New Mexico. Thankfully this Texas family survived.

Rescuers on Wednesday pulled a Texas family from an SUV that had been buried in a snowdrift on a rural New Mexico highway for nearly two days.

State police said rescuers had to dig through 4 feet of ice and snow to free the Higgins family, whose red GMC Yukon got stuck on U.S. 56 near Springer when a blizzard moved through the area Monday.

The Higginses were among 32 vehicles state police and guardsmen rescued from the storm, but they were the only ones who police say needed medical attention.

This incident occurred on 21 December when New Mexico had a big storm and Springer is located in the northern part of the state near interstate 25.

In-N-Out Texas Distribution Center To Support Albuquerque?

In-N-Out Burger want’s to build a regional facility near Dallas Fort Worth, Texas.

The regional center would include a meatpacking facility that would support expansion across Texas and possibly into neighboring states, said Jeff Russell, In-N-Out’s regional real estate manager.

Since In-N-Out does not freeze their meet, their restaurants need to be within a certain range of their meatpacking facility so they can be trucked in refrigerated. I don’t know how far that is and if Dallas is too far away from Albuquerque.