Vice TV Visits An Albuquerque School

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Episode 3 of Vice on HBO visits an Albuquerque school. The website has a short trailer and a subscription to HBO will be required to watch the whole episode.

With an average of 83 people dying in gun-related violence every day in the U.S., the debate over firearms continues to heat up. VICE visits the New Life Baptist Church & Academy in Albuquerque, NM, where Pastor Larry Allen preaches guns and teaches guns. His school is fully armed with an ex-police security team, and his young students are taught gun drills and tactics to disarm attackers.

Conan O'Brien Interviews Intel's Co-Inventor Of USB

Apparently, Intel sponsors The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien. Here’s part of a segment Conan did (series 1, episode 84) where he interviewed, and subtly advertised for Intel, the co-inventor of USB Ajay Bhatt. I somehow forgot to post this when it aired on 9 October 2009.

Ajay was featured in an Intel “rockstar” commercial which featured a actor, not really Ajay. There are several other Conan and Intel segments but I don’t see they published.

100 – 200 Laid Off At Rio Rancho Intel

Today we got the news, 100 – 200 people will be laid off (or redeployed as they like to tell us) at Intel’s Fab11X, Rio Rancho. I won’t publicly discuss more than what the local news is reporting only that the management just got the directive and they haven’t quite figured out how they are going to go about it. We should know if we are in or out at the beginning of Q2 2009.

Also see local TV station coverage KOB, KOAT and KRQE

Update 1/28/08: 500 are being cut from the Chandler, AZ site.

KRQE At Intel On The Inauguration

KRQE, the local CBS affiliate, was at Intel today during the inauguration. I assume they were doing a follow-up to this story from yesterday about employers showing the inauguration during work hours.

The embedded video here is of that story from yesterday. What about the video from today?

Not only did KRQE have a camera man roving around the cafeteria during the inauguration, they had a reporter in the parking lot around noon time. I assume it was for their noon news report. I can’t find that video on their site. If I did find it I would likely be in it as I passed by the camera several times.

If I do find the video I will update this post with the added video.

Conan OBrian Visits Intel Santa Clara

Intel sponsored Conan OBrian when he was in San Francisco. He thanked them by visiting the Santa Clara site. Everything he says is funny and sadly true.

Update 7/8/07: Evil, money grubbing NBC forced YouTube to remove the clips.