10 New Mexico Lift Tickets For $125

The American Lung Association is having a New Mexico Skiing Lift Ticket Promotion. Pay $125 for 10 lift tickets with a 2010 Ski Card. If you use this card 3 or 4 times, it will have paid for itself.

Cardholder is entitled to one complimentary adult lift ticket at each of the following ski areas, subject to any conditions listed. Equipment rentals/lodging not included. Limit one card per person.

New Mexico Ski Areas
1. Angel Fire 800-633-7463
Not valid 12/21/09-1/3/10; 1/15-1/17/10; 2/12-2/14/10; 3/14-3/20/10

2. Enchanted Forest 505-754-2374
No Blackout Dates!

3. Red River 505-754-2223
Not valid 12/25-12/31/09; 3/13-3/20/10

4. Sipapu 800-587-2240
Not valid 12/20-12/23/09; 12/27-12/31/09; 1/2-1/3/10; 1-16- 1/18/10; 2/13-2/15/10; 3/8-3/11/10; 3/15-3/18/10

5. Ski Apache 505-464-3601
Not valid 12/19/09-1/3/10;1/16-1/18/10; 2/13-2/15/10; 3/6-3/14/10

6. Taos 505-776-2291
Not valid 12/27/09-1/1/10; Not valid after 2-15-10

Colorado Ski Areas
7. Arapahoe Basin 888-272-7246
Valid Sunday through Friday any day of the 09-10 ski season, excluding 11/27/09; 12/24/09-1/4/10

8. Monarch Mtn 888-996-7669
Not valid 12/26/09-1/2/10; 1/16-1/17/10; 2/13-2/14/10; 3/12/-3/21/09

9. Ski Cooper 719-486-2277
No Blackout Dates! Not valid with any other offer!

10. Sunlight Mtn 970-945-7491
Not valid 12/26/09-1/3/10; 2/13-2/15/10


Sign Of The End Times: Taos Allows Snowboarders

Don't Panic

For a long time the discussion has been more focused on when we would open, and we feel like now is the right time. Taos has a long-standing tradition of being family oriented, and now with so many young people snowboarding, we are turning away more and more families, particularly families that traditionally come to Taos. Opening to snowboarding allows us to refocus on being a family oriented mountain.

I wasn’t expecting this. Snowboards are designed in such a way that it’s easy to sit on your ass or your knees from an upright position. It’s those snowboarders that use this capability and stop right at unloading area of a lift or on a run, right where a skier is going and cannot stop quite so easily, that make them all look bad. Most ski lifts are designed for skiers, not boarders, which doesn’t help things either.

About half the people I know use snowboards, at least I can go to Taos with them now. I will never forget the last time I was there, I lost my very favorite Canon S500 digital camera somewhere on the slopes.

Council Votes No Confidence In Mayor Jackson, Makes Way For Councilor Palpatine

The Rio Rancho City Council unanimously voted no confidence in Mayor Kevin Jackson. The Mayor position is apparently more of a figure head and the council cannot force him out. They would have to take him to court to get him out, which doesn’t seem likely.

He wasn’t in town for the vote, he was in Taos for a conference and lost his cell phone. How convenient. Every one seems to think he has no choice but to resign.

Can't Vote For People Not In Your District

Election officials in Santa Fe, Taos and elsewhere in Northern New Mexico are fielding complaints from early voters who are upset they can’t cast a ballot in the caustic congressional race between Heather Wilson and Patricia Madrid.Residents of those areas must endure televised attack advertisements aired by the candidates on Albuquerque stations, but the 1st Congressional District where Wilson faces Madrid is limited to the Albuquerque area, Torrance County and parts of Sandoval and Valencia counties.”We’ve had hundreds of calls from people who’ve completely forgotten about Tom Udall,” said Denise Lamb, head of the Santa Fe County Bureau of Elections.

Funny stuff.

Rafting In Taos

I ended up with a very busy weekend, with school, a friday trip and a party on Saturday there was no time to post. Not to mention the wireless I’m, er… borrowing, went down and I my trial of MarsEdit expired.

The fact that 2 people have died going down the same part of the river did not stop us from making a rafting trip down the Rio Grande river on Friday. That’s me in the picture, the blue hat in the back. I was a little worried at first, but it wasn’t really that bad.

The trip was suppose to take 3+ hours but took less than 1 1/2 because of the speed of the water. We also saw where the the unfortunate incident took place that lead to the death of Carolyn Whalen. Really, it’s a matter of a good guide keeping the boat from going in the wrong place and the river not forcing you there.

It was fun, were looking at doing “the box” which is a rougher part that’s farther north up the river.

Skiing Weekend

On Friday I left for Taos. Mapopolis said it should only take about 3 hours to get to Taos from Albuquerque. Friends tell me I could get there in 2. It actually took me a little over 4 hours. I should have got up at 5am, which would allowed me to leave at 6. Instead I got up at 6 (darn snooze button) and left a little after 7. This meant I was stuck in Albuquerque traffic and there didn’t see t be a single road that lead to the freeway that didn’t have a accident on it.
Between Santa Fe and Espanola there’s construction building a nice new road. Unfortunately it’s not done and there was only 1 lane. I finally arrived in Taos sometime after 11. The good news is lift tickets were only 20 bucks, and rentals were only 11. Cheap! I skied for about 3 1/2 hours. To be honest I was getting sore so it’s probably a good thing I didn’t get there when they opened. Plus my right boot wasn’t fitting right, it was pretty uncomfortable and was cutting off circulation to my right foot at times. The track file (read at the bottom on how it was made) shows I reached about 38mph at points. Not bad. You can also see they have some very long runs. Once they get some more snow the skiing should be awesome, it wasn’t bad but wasn’t the best.
I left after 3:30 and began the trip home, which didn’t take quite as long as it did to get there. Next time I go I will probably plan on staying there overnight. It doesn’t seem worth it for the length of the trip.

On Saturday I went up to Santa Fe with some friends from work. Santa Fe will the primary location of skiing this winter since I purchased the Millennium pass. This pass is one step down from the Season Pass, yet is more than $500 cheaper. It gets you $10 off lift tickets, except in January where lift tickets are free. Guess where I will be in January? By the way, I picked up my pass which is a ID card with my picture, It’s the worse possible picture they could have taken.
RIght now lift tickets are $34, so it cost me $24. They also got new rental equipment, which cost $18 to rent for the day. I was very happy with the boots, they fit perfectly and are probably the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. I think I will be doing enough skiing this year that I really need to invest in my own gear.
One of the best part about skiing at Santa Fe is stopping at the little restaurant/bar located just up slope. A nice (and expensive) lunch just hits the spot about 11. Then come back every hour or two for a break and have a delicious Hot Buttered Rum. It’s not enough to get you drunk, but enough to get a buzz and warm you up.
I have to admit that I was still kind of sore from the previous day when we started and the pain continued though out the day. It wasn’t enough to keep me from skiing but was enough to keep me from really hitting the bumpy parts. Thats when you really put your leg muscles to work. The pain in my thighs did start to go away as the day went on. But even today I’m still feeling it. A few more times on the slopes and it won’t bother me anymore.
The right back was less comfortable since my legs were sore and I sat in the back of my friends Honda Pilot. It’s a nice enough SUV, just pretty cramped in the back seats for a long trip like that.
Santa Fe had 80% of the mountain open and I could tell they needed some more snow in parts. Hopefully the weather will cooperate because, well, you know where I will be every weekend.

If you’re interested in how I generated the speed tracking maps, click here. 

Wrong Kind Of Cactus On New Mexico Poster

The 2004 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is due to start in October. There’s been a bit of hub-bub because of the poster.

The major problem to me is they hired a Texas artist to do the poster. There’s always been a kind of Texas/New Mexico rivalry between the two states but this isn’t my issue. See New Mexico is pretty well know for it’s fancy-smancy artists. Santa Fe and Taos both have quite a few of those types there. I suspect they are at least better known for their artists than Texas.

Second problem is the Texas Artist screwed it up. There’s Balloons and there’s a cowboy. Sounds good. There are also Saguaro cactuses. For those not familiar with the South West United States, these are native to the Sonoran Desert which, “has a quite limited geographical range, centred on southern Arizona and extending into western Sonora (Mexico)” which means they don’t even exists in New Mexico. I know, to the rest of the world these cactuses exist in the desert southwest and that includes New Mexico. But if you want to accurately show one of New Mexico’s few claims to fames then it’s probably a good idea to be accurate on such a little detail. Perhaps the cactuses could be replaced with power lines.

By the way, thanks to Metaquerque for the links