Someone Stole Gas From My Truck In My Driveway

tire tracks from gas theifs

There’s no better way to feel violated than to have someone steal something of yours from your own home. Even if it’s a few gallons of gas.

This morning I walked out to my truck to when leaving for work and saw my gas door and cap off of my truck. My first thought was “that’s not suppose to be like that”. Then I started to realize that someone stole the gas and I started to panic a little while I wondered what else they did, did they try to break into my house too?

The snow we had the night before was a big help since they left tire and foot tracks all over and it was easy to determine exactly where they had been. Thankfully all they did was take gas and they didn’t take much as a gas can only holds a few gallons of gas. They even left marks in the snow from the hose and the gas can.

hose and gas can marks left from gas theifs

It was suggested on Twitter that I check if they drilled my tank, which happened a few months ago in Rio Rancho. Thankfully they did not drill a hole in my tank.

Finally, I used the Rio Rancho Police Department’s online crime reporting form and left for work. In case the perpetrators are reading this, I have made some security related updates in case of a next time.


Building A Habitat For Scorpions And Trying To Keep Them

I thought I would try to turn a negative into a positive with my scorpions situation by capturing them and keeping in them in a glassed habitat in the house. Perhaps there’s money to be made selling scorpions.

The first thing I did was to clean out a 10 gallon aquarium that was being unused.

Scorpion habitat from a 10 gallon aquarium

I then added cactus from the back yard.

Adding cactus to a scorpion habitat

I then added some sandy soil (commonly referred to as dirt), also from the back yard.

Adding sandy soil to the scorpion habitat

I then added a pile of rocks, from the front yard this time.

Adding a pile of rocks to the scorpion habitat

I then added the scorpion (Vaejovis flavus). This one came from inside the house.

Possible Vaejovis flavus species of scorpion?

The first scorpion died after keeping it in the tank for about a month. This was despite providing it several crickets that it quickly ate.

Since Saturn the cat came along, I rarely get a scorpion before she kills them. Plus she is has eliminated the scorpion food supply in the house so I don’t know that I will get much more of them. The tank currently sits empty.