Rio Rancho Received A Dusting Of Snow Overnight


Rio Rancho and Albuquerque received a dusting of snow overnight. The city doesn’t have the capability to sand the neighborhood roads and they are very icy at the moment. I normally don’t need much of an excuse to avoid work in the morning, this morning I have a good one.

The weather report calls for more snow in Rio Rancho but I doubt we will get any more. It looks like the southern part of the state is getting the snow this winter and the sun is starting to show here.

Update: It’s been snowing all morning, I can’t believe the weather man was right.

Spring Snow In Rio Rancho New Mexico


For the last month the weather has been mostly sunny and warm on the days I work and either windy, cold or rainy or all of the above on the days I’m off. I had a some sun and little wind yesterday but today it snowed.

Were not getting anything like Denver’s projected 20 inches of show. The lack of cooperation by the weather isn’t helping because I have a number of outdoor things to do around the house before I potentially go out of town for three months starting in May.

Incredible Pet Tricks

First off this dog is weird just because it’s hairless. A friend of mine picked it up from the animal clinic a few days ago, the owner was going to have it put to sleep, so they rescued it. This one had skin issues probably because it wasn’t allowed in the sun, it’s skin didn’t develop any natural resistance.

It has a very strange habit of turning its head over and upside down resting it on it’s back. It seems pretty comfortable doing while doing it even started to doze off. I took this photo with my cell phone so it’s pretty crappy, I’ll try to get a better one next time I’m over there. 


Freak Snow Storm

Although it’s mostly all melted now, we had a full fledged blizzard about 7am this morning. Didn’t last long of course but it’s strange because on Friday I was walking out of work thinking I should have had shorts on. Lots of water coming off the house now as it all melts.

“They” say there will about 30% more moisture than usual this summer. Most people seem to be complaining about the lack of sun, I however am quite content with this one year of rain considering we’ve been in a drought for about 5 years.  

I've Seen A Large Spike In Traffic

It has been an interesting week after receiving the most traffic to my site ever. After posting my PowerBook SuperDrive cleaning article I sent it to AccelerateYourMac. In which I received a lot of traffic. It then got picked up by mactechnews, macsurfer, Albireo’s PowerBook, macfeber, macbytes, powerbook-fr and finally AppleTalk Australia. Just shows you what can happen with a link or two from a Mac site.

It will probably be the most traffic I will ever see. Unfortunately I’ve been too busy with work to post much else to really take advantage of it.

Last 20 Days Unique Visitors
12 Aug, Thu 173
13 Aug, Fri 140
14 Aug, Sat 127
15 Aug, Sun 156
16 Aug, Mon 155
17 Aug, Tue 170
18 Aug, Wed 131
19 Aug, Thu 126
20 Aug, Fri 139
21 Aug, Sat 534
22 Aug, Sun 645
23 Aug, Mon 1104
24 Aug, Tue 747
25 Aug, Wed 1158
26 Aug, Thu 367
27 Aug, Fri 182
28 Aug, Sat 117
29 Aug, Sun 163
30 Aug, Mon 234
31 Aug, Tue 13


Fire Fire Fire!

You might have thought it was going to rain here today in Albuquerque. But those weren’t clouds, it was smoke from California. The drive home from work today was erie especially with the sun filtered by the smoke. But California isn’t the only one burning, we have our own fire in Ruidoso near a ski resort. It isn’t helping that our autumn winds have arrived blowing in the smoke and blowing around our fire. 

I'm Growing To Much Crab Grass

Because if there is, I have a ton of it in my garden. Crab grass and this weird little “milk weed” that stays low to the ground and is hard to pull up. Everyday I go out and pull as much of the crab grass as I can and everyday there is more. Not to mention that the sod we put down is 80% brown and the crab grass as started to move over there.. I guess I didn’t water it enough but I have been watering it more and it looks like its starting to recover.

Next year I have some plans to rectify this.

For the vegetable garden, over the winter I will put a clear plastic cover it which should produce a green house effect. But I wont vent it and let the heat build up, which should be enough to kill everything that tries to grow there. Next I will try Compost Tea after I plant stuff next year. There is a guy in Alaska that grows huge edible vegetables and attributes it to Compost Tea. In fact I may try it this year if I have time.

As for the grass, I’ve already taken steps to revive it. One thing I did find is the parts of the grass that were in shade are still alive. So I re-seeded the yard with a shade/sun mixture. I have been watering it every night as well. We will see how it looks in the next few weeks. If I can get that seeded well it will (hopefully) not give the crab grass room to grow. Oh and I will get some basic “weed-n-feed” to put out there too.