Rio Rancho Speed Vans Don't Know Where They Are

Apparently the City of Rio Rancho’s Robot speed enforcement van’s don’t know where they are.

The speed limit in the neighborhood is 25 mph and Trujillo was ordered to pay $100 for speeding. She was driving 41 mph on Idalia Road when the speeding van clocked her.
Rio Rancho police said it was a human error and they’re going to dismiss the ticket. Police said tat least three others have come forward and their tickets were also dismissed.

Only three people have come forward but how many were incorrectly ticketed? Will the city of Rio Rancho just keep the money unless someone questions their ticket? Clearly they don’t have officers reviewing these tickets from the speed vans (and perhaps the red light speed cameras) for mistakes, After all the purpose of the speed vans are a way for the city to make money.

Computers are only as good as their programming, and when you put a computer in charge of enforcing people to behave this is the results.


Do Not Want: Red Light Speed Cameras In Rio Rancho

On April 20th, The Mayor Of Rio Rancho Tom Swisstack::

Swisstack has spoken publicly against red-light cameras, saying he doesn’t think residents should be fined in order to support police and firefighters. He said he remains reluctant on the cameras but said if the primary reason for them is public safety and not revenue — then he’s open to discuss the issue. “The cameras have to be for public safety — this has to be about enhancing public safety because right now we can’t hire the number of cops we need,” he said.

As part of his campaign, he also said he was against red light cameras. Then on April 26th, he apparently was for them.

Swisstack advocated for additional red-light cameras and more city fees, but no pool closures.

The City of Rio Rancho is facing a negative budget and City Manager James Jimenez recommended red light cameras as a way to increase income for the city. Tonight the City Council will vote on implementing red light cameras and other city budget items and I have no doubt that they will vote to install them.

You might think that Mayor Swisstack or the City Council might want to wait for the results of the UNM study on red light cameras, the study that will determine if the Mayor of Albuquerque will shut them down. Or they might consider that the State of New Mexico has shut down a few cameras in Albuquerque that were on state roads. Or that the State of Arizona has shut down speed cameras. When you have a budget shortfall and you decide to implement red light cameras, the cameras have nothing to do with safety. Instead it’s a way to fleece the residents with a tax without calling it a tax.

No doubt RedFlex is salivating. They will be the likely benefactor as they will probably make a profit off every ticket issued.

There’s a lot I like about living in Rio Rancho. After visiting the Phoenix area being without red light and speed cameras is one of them. Tonight the City of Rio Rancho will likely vote to implement them. I suppose there is a chance they won’t but I’m not optimistic.

Update: Red Light cameras have passed. Councilman Timothy Crum:

“The intention behind the red light camera is certainly to reduce crime, reduce traffic citations and protect the community,”


Albuquerque In The Top 10 For Speed Traps

Red light cameras, speed vans and human patrols. All things that contribute to Albuquerque turning up as number 7 on the National Motorists Association (NMA) top 10 list for speed traps. I’m really not surprised to see Albuquerque on the list, and yet I still think I there’s never a cop around when you need one. In other words, the speed traps are probably needed.

It also says something about my driving record as I’ve never had a speeding ticket in the 10 years I’ve lived here. Doesn’t mean I haven’t been lucky. I’ve been pulled over twice for not stopping at a stop sign. When I first moved here I had long hair and was driving around in the Maverick. I was pulled over by a cop that was two cars ahead of me for not wearing my seat belt. The Maverick only had lap belts and how could he see when he was two cars ahead of me? I never got a ticket for any of these incidences. I did have two speeding tickets when I lived in Arizona.