"Breaking Bad" Style Meth Candy In The News

The Santa Fe New Mexican reports “NM shop sells ‘meth candy’ to honor ‘Breaking Bad’“. Prepare for complaints about how this candy shop is glorifying drug use meanwhile the TV show isn’t.

The owner of an Albuquerque candy store is selling a product she’s calling “meth candy” and is playing off the popularity of the hit TV-show “Breaking Bad.”

Debbie Hall, owner of The Candy Lady, said Monday that the blue-colored snack is merely sugar blocks, though it bears a close resemblance to the blue crystal causing havoc on the Albuquerque-based TV drama.

New Mexico To New England In A Gypsy Wagon

Over at Whittled Down, they are moving from New Mexico to New England. They are going to do it in a canvas-topped gypsy wagon that they are building themselves.

In building this contraption, they borrowed some tools from the ReStore’s new tool lending library and were interviewed by the Santa Fe New Mexican. Apparently the Santa Fe New Mexican screwed up the article because “every detail about us is wrong, including the quotes”.

WikiScanner In New Mexico State Government

Wikiscanner is a tool to determine who is anonymously editing Wikipedia. Well, not the specific person but what organization the IP address belongs to. For example, the tool shows that some one from Exxon made favorable edits to a entry about the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

The Santa Fe New Mexican checked to see what edits were being made by state employees.

But I was disappointed. Doing a WikiScanner search of the name “State of New Mexico,” with the location of Santa Fe, I found relatively little activity from state computers related to politicos.

Most of the edits by state employees appear to be unrelated to politics. No scandal here, move along.