No. 56

Rio Rancho rises on list of best places to live

Rio Rancho ranks No. 56 on Money magazine’s list of the 100 best small cities to live.The Sandoval County city improved on its ranking of No. 83 in 2005.Money magazine’s Web site said it was looking for small, livable cities with a mix of good jobs and schools, low crime, open space and “rational home prices.”Rio Rancho’s median annual family income is $57,562 and its median home price is $150,024, the magazine said. It ranked the city’s property crime risk as 33 and its personal crime risk at 50 out of national averages of 100.The rankings released Monday gave the top spot to Fort Collins, Colo.



Partying In Rio Rancho

Fun stuff happening around these parts. Here are some choice bits from the article.

A loud party last month led to the citation of nine minors for underage drinking and possible charges for the “passed out” mother who allowed it. Marcus Riggs, 18, whose mother rented the apartment, let police in. Riggs told officer Chris French that “he and some of his friends got together and had a few beers”. It is unclear if Riggs’ mother Lynda, 36, would have objected to the party, as she was in no condition to break it up. “Lynda Riggs was found passed out in one of the back rooms”. Still, the officers suspected that Mrs. Riggs facilitated the party, leading to the possible charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The district attorney’s office will decide whether or not to file that charge. This arrest was part of a Sandoval County DWI Task Force underage-drinking sweep run by the Sandoval County Sheriff’s Department.