Filmed In New Mexico: The Lost Room

ThelostroomI saw the Lost Room expecting it to be some cheesy SciFi channel B movie. Instead I found the mini series has a good story, good acting and I couldn’t stop watching until I found out what happened at the end. From Wikipedia:

The series revolves around the titular room and some of the everyday items from that room which possess unusual powers. The show’s protagonist, Joe Miller, is searching for these objects to rescue his daughter, Anna, who has disappeared inside the Room. Once a typical room at a 1960s motel along U.S. Route 66, the Lost Room has existed outside of normal time and space since 1961, when what is only referred to as “the Event” took place.

It was completely filmed in New Mexico. In one scene that was supposed to take place in Las Vegas, NV a Albuquerque city bus drives by.

Route 66 The Occult Highway?

While reading the article “Top 10 Most Sinister PSYOPS Mission Patches” at The Vigilant Citizen I came across information about Route 66 that I have never heard before.

062 e1308342909980The famous old American highway “Route 66″ was laid out by Freemasons with the apparent intention of sending masses of automobile riders into a self-processing occult trip. -Michael A. Hoffman II, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

I guess there’s nothing those freemasons aren’t involved in. Perhaps it will be part of the plot of the next National Treasure movie.

Take My Trading Post, Please!

The Chambers Trading Post, located along what use to be Route 66, about 50 miles from Holbrook is for sale. But it looks like they are having a hard time giving the property away.

For months, the couple have been buying ads in newspapers and promoting an unusual property transaction via the Internet: Send $100 and an essay of less than 100 words about why you want a trading post, and the best essay claims the prize. The Konheisers have received extensive publicity in newspapers in the Four Corners area.

They were hoping for 20,000 entries. They have received 12. The current owner has cancer and wants to retire, at this point he’s more interested in the retirement part than the “trying to make a buck” part.

I’ve probably passed the place a hundred times but don’t recall anything interesting about it. A little Googling will show it has some interesting history. But I wonder how much money is to be made out there?