Temporary Blog Location

RapidWeaver has failed me for the last time. I moved some stuff around and RapidWeaver started giving me a error:

NSRangeException — *** -[NSCFArray objectAtIndex:]: index (2147483647( or possibly larger)) beyond bounds (39)

Stack trace: 0x12419a 0x9206be3b 0x958c8eeb 0x958c8f2a 0x95a547ff 0x959d2188 0x17e36644 0x17e36804 0x12d4ac 0x12f807 0x12cc91 0x17e2e8bb 0x17e2cd8d 0x17e24591 0xe1d7 0x15439 0xeb41 0x1317d 0xff6a 0x42f14 0x959d77ed 0x959d7394 0x95285095 0x95284f52

12/18/08 4:19:46 PM RapidWeaver[6233] Exception while exporting site: *** -[NSCFArray objectAtIndex:]: index (2147483647( or possibly larger)) beyond bounds (39)

RapidWeaver won’t publish and it’s been since December 19th since I reported it. RealMac support said they would look at it then marked the case closed and resolved. Besides that issue, RapidWeaver is slow to open and save and has a number of other issues.

It’s too bad. I liked making use of my .Mac/MoblieMe account for blogging but it’s time to move to something else.

I’m still looking for a hosting provider. There’s so many choices that I can’t figure out who is the best. It would be nice to get someone who runs everything on Macs.

For the moment, I’m moving the RSS feed over to my gregjsmith.wordpress.com account.

Update: WordPress.com is no more. Got my own hosting up and running relatively easily.


I’ve been getting more and more annoyied with RapidWeaver and a little with .mac. Now I want to blog from my iPhone.

I’m thinking of switching to WordPress. I may pick a host from the wordpress.org list. Anyone have suggestions?

Categories Or Tags? Sometimes You Can Have Too Many Options

Rapid Weaver 3.6 Categories And Tags

RapidWeaver 3.6 has expanded it’s categories and tagging features significantly. Options are nice, but I can’t seem to figure out the best way to use them.

Categories and Tags work basically the same way. You can enter a list of categories or tags on each of their lines for each entry, RapidWeaver will generate a page for each individual category or tag. My previous blog only had categories, I never tagged anything. I’m finding categories so easy to enter that I’m creating a lot of them.

I’m thinking that many of the things I’m entering as categories should be tags and I should reduce my categories to just a few. But what few categories should I use? Or maybe I should just not categorize anything and just tag it all?

Where’s the official internet blogging “categories and tagging” guide?

Update 06/07/07 10:26 AM Thanks to EdBrenner on the RapidWeaver forums I read this article on categories and tags. Based on that, i’ve decided to start tagging entries along with categories. I’ve started tagging some older stuff, but with a 1000 entries, it’s going to take a while