Suicide Off The Grand Canyon

What a way to go.

Park officials received a report of someone over the edge near Mather Point on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park at about 5:40 a.m. Friday. Responding rangers spotted a body between 400 and 600 feet below the rim, and witnesses told them that they saw the man run up to and over the edge.

2010 Ford Ranger

3A2C8A90-6903-4E3E-8628-603763F7A1B9.jpgFord has announced the 2010 Ford Ranger and it looks almost like the Ford Ranger I bought in 1997. Ford’s press release promotes safety including AdvanceTracĀ® with RSCĀ® (Roll Stability Control) and side air bags. They also promotes the 21 to 26 MPG that the tiny 2.3 liter 4 cylinder engine gets.

I guess there’s some money to be saved by keeping with the same basic design of a vehicle for over a decade. The base price for a low end 2009 Ford Ranger is about $17,000. Compare that to a more innovative truck in about the same size range. The 2009 Honda Ridgeline runs about $28,000 on the low end. I’m not sure a low end Ranger and low end Ridgeline compare exactly however.

You might think that the Ranger might make a good platform for some innovation. Body styling aside, how about an electric or hybrid for Ranger? Oh wait, Ford did Make an electric Ford Ranger and killed them in 2002.

The only option is LionEV, which will offer an electric Ranger for $38,950. That’s almost the price of a hover conversion. LionEV also offers conversion kits for Rangers (electric, not hover) for about $10,000.