Phoenix Qwest Building Imploded

The boring and uninteresting Qwest building in Phoenix Arizona was imploded on September 27th. The explosion is apparently going to be part of the TLC TV show called “Dynamite Family”.

Although’s story includes a video, I recommend a comercial free version by user teamdroid on Flickr. I’m sure there’s more than a few on YouTube as well.


Albuquerque Wants Free WiFi Citywide

The Mayor of Albuquerque wants free WiFi for everyone in the city.

a two-tiered wireless Internet signal covering the entire city that will support not just the basics of Web surfing, e-mail and the like, but phone service and video. Those two tiers are a free, 1 megabit signal for anyone and a premium service at 3 Mb for a “reasonable” cost.

Of course Comcast and Qwest don’t like it. I say screw ’em. Qwest especially doesn’t seem interested in offering extra services and Comcast would probably force everyone to pay $10/month for cable before you can use it. It’s the technical issues and money that will keep this from happening.

One wireless provider estimates it would cost $25 million and would require a access point on every building in the city, I think that’s overblown. They cite the problems that Rio Rancho has had completing it’s network. I thought Rio Rancho had completed it’s network.

I hope they try it anyways. I could use some free wifi when I have to drive into Albuquerque

Greedy Phone Company To Pay Up

I hate wired phone companies, which is why I don’t have a wired phone line. I’m very happy to hear that Qwest will have to pay up the money they were suppose to spend in the first place.

Gov. Bill Richardson, Attorney General Patricia Madrid and Qwest officials announced Wednesday that they have reached a settlement that would require the company to spend $265 million on New Mexico’s telecommunications system over a 42-month period.The settlement is the result of a long dispute between Qwest and the state Public Regulation Commission over a 2001 agreement that required the company to spend $788 million on the telecommunications system over five years.But the company’s spending came up about $220 million short, and the commission ordered it to spend the full amount by March 2006 or refund the money to its customers. The company sued, saying the commission did not have the authority to make the order, but the state Supreme Court sided with the PRC last month.