Children Need To Be Taught The Truth About Dinosaurs

The local TV news stations KRQE has a news story about a preview event for the “Walking with Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular” show at the Santa Ana Star center in Rio Rancho. The show uses a combination of actors in costumes with animatronics to show very realistic dinosaurs which can walk freely.

In the preview event the video very clearly shows that they have what is reported to be a baby tyrannosaurus rex who interacts with children. Although the tyrannosaurus rex is not real, The children are allowed to pet it like it’s some sort of giant two-legged kitten (I have a kitten, they act just like this). The fact is that the tyrannosaurus rex is a very dangerous species of dinosaur much like all dinosaurs are.

Clearly the producers of Walking with Dinosaurs do not want children and adults to know the truth. If a child was to approach a real tyrannosaurus rex in real life, like they are in this preview event, the child would most likely be eaten. Parent’s need to teach their children the truth about how dangerous Dinosaurs are because clearly the makers of Walking with Dinosaurs cannot.

Update: More details of the show are on the Rio Rancho Observers website.


2nd Annual X Prize Cup

IMG_6473.JPGFriday and Saturday marked the second annual X Prize cup in which the AP has a article about. I wasn’t able to make it to this years event (my pictures from last years are on Flickr).

A lot of other people did go and they put their pictures on Flickr. Looks like it was a much better event with real working aircraft. One thing I noted last year were most of the stuff on display were mockups, as opposed to actual working machines. Not to mention that they had more stuff in the air. I will try to go next year but will go for sure when it’s at the real space port.

Another interesting note, last year it was call the “preview event” and this year it’s called the “second annual”, meaning that last year was really the “first annual”. Whatever.