Rio Rancho 58 On Money Magazine's Best Places To Live

Rio Rancho, NM is listed at number 58 on Money Magazine’s 100 places to live.

Top 100 rank: 58
Population: 93,100
Once a sleepy suburb of Albuquerque, Rio Rancho is coming into its own with employers like Hewlett-Packard and Intel helping add almost 2,500 jobs in the past couple of years. There’s now nightlife downtown in addition to many bike paths, parks, and horseback trails. The real estate market is still shaking off the doldrums of the housing downturn; while sales are picking up briskly, foreclosed homes dot the streets. Those on the buying side of the equation, however, can expect to find good deals.

I like living in Rio Rancho, but where is this downtown with the nightlife? And the bike paths and horseback trails are the same dirt roads.


Araneus Gemmoides Or The Cat Faced Spider

Araneus Gemmoides - cat faced spider

A few weeks ago I walked through my friends porch and destroyed this large round spider web. Later that night the creator of the web came out and we found it was a beautiful large orange spider that we have never seen before.

I have since discovered that it’s a Araneus Gemmoides also called a Monkey-face, Cat-face or Jewel Spider. The Royal Albert Museum has the best description of them:

As previously mentioned, this spider has adapted to building its webs on or near houses. It is therefore most often found in urban centres, although farm houses will often have a population. These spiders thrive when the web is built near a light. When the light is turned on at night, it attracts a large number of insects that become potential food for the spider. In this situation the spider may have an abundance of food and may get all it needs in the early part of the night. As a result the web is often in tatters by morning. The spider will rest during the day in a retreat, often under the eaves, and only come out to repair or replace the web in the evening.

This is exactly where this spider sits, under a porch near the porch light. It comes out at night and sits in the middle of it’s web. Some might see this large creature and want to destroy it but we will be very careful not to disturb it.

50 Best Hispanic Restaurants

Hispanic Magazine has listed their top 50 “hispanic” (aka “Mexican”) restaurants. I guess referring to this type of food as “Mexican” may be offensive to those in Mexico. What is the criteria for being on this list?

we once again present our picks and our readers? picks of the top 50 Hispanic restaurants in the United States, including Puerto Rico. All of the restaurants honor the cuisine of the Americas in traditional or innovative ways, whether they are fancy or casual dining establishments 

So they are light on details. From the data it looks like they choose based on population. But this isn’t a competition after all. At least New Mexico had more restaurants than all the other non-most-populous states.

I do have to admit that I’m not one to run out and try new resturants. Someone has to take me there for me to discover it. I’ve never heard of Casa Ruiz Church Street Cafe, Barelas Coffee House or Restaurante Rancho de Chimayo but I would have added Gabriel’s (just north of Santa Fe) and El Pinto (located in Albuquerque).