"Breaking Bad" Style Meth Candy In The News

The Santa Fe New Mexican reports “NM shop sells ‘meth candy’ to honor ‘Breaking Bad’“. Prepare for complaints about how this candy shop is glorifying drug use meanwhile the TV show isn’t.

The owner of an Albuquerque candy store is selling a product she’s calling “meth candy” and is playing off the popularity of the hit TV-show “Breaking Bad.”

Debbie Hall, owner of The Candy Lady, said Monday that the blue-colored snack is merely sugar blocks, though it bears a close resemblance to the blue crystal causing havoc on the Albuquerque-based TV drama.

familysafeweb.net now links to you

I’ve received a few of these emails, people inviting me to link to them because they linked to me. Them being businesses who are looking for google page rank increases (I’ve had very little, and I mean little popularity), I guess I show at the top of a few google searches.

I checked out their site and didn’t see my site in the links sections anywhere. I did learn that this Christian ISP blocks sites and seems to be quite proud of it. I do not agree with the concept of ISP blocking and for that reason I cannot return the link (note I didn’t actually include any links in the message). Not to mention that they refer to my site as forthehellofit when my site is For The H*ll Of it. What’s ironic is that the word hell might actually be filtered by them or the very concept of the word “hell” my be offensive to their clientele.

From: link@familysafeweb.net
Subject: familysafeweb.net now links to you
Date: September 22, 2004 11:09:06 AM MDT
To: forthehellofit@mac.com

Hello Forthehellofit,

I visited mac.com today. I am with Family Safe Web and I think that your site could be of interest to our web site visitors. Family Safe Web would like to invite you to trade links with us. Please visit our site at "http://www.familysafeweb.net/".

A link to your site and a description has already been placed on Family Safe Web’s link trading page at "http://www.familysafeweb.net/links". Your site will be given a prominent listing if you choose to link back to our site. Also, if you would like the description of your site modified or if you have any other cross-promotion ideas, please respond and we can discuss it.

Here is a description and a link to Family Safe Web to place on your site:

"Family Safe Web, the Family Friendly Internet Service Provider. Offering filtered Internet access using the most advanced filtering system available today. Service is affordable, reliable, fast, and not over-blocked." "http://www.familysafeweb.net/"

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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Best regards,

Michael E Winsett
Family Safe Web

14845 SW Murray Scholls Dr.
Suite 110, PMB #112
Phone: (503) 590 – 7233 – Fax: (877) 827 – 4295

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