Wrong Items Donated To Rio Rancho Goodwill

From the Rio Rancho Observer “Bullets, pipe donated to Goodwill

Someone donated bullets and a duffle bag holding smoking paraphernalia to Goodwill last week.
According to a Rio Rancho Police report, an officer went to Goodwill at Southern and Unser about 10:45 a.m. Feb. 12 after employees sorting through anonymous donations found a glass pipe in a black Adidas bag and various calibers of ammunition in other property. There were 50 .22-caliber rounds, three 12-gauge shotgun rounds, a .410-shotgun round and what appeared to be one .22-caliber rifle round.
The items were entered into evidence at RRPD.
About 3 p.m. the same day, the officer went back to Goodwill after dispatch was told a man claiming to own the Adidas bag was at the store. The man told the officer he’d just gotten out of the hospital and a friend told him his property had been dropped off at the store.
The store manager said there was no way to verify who left the bag in the donation trailer, and the officer couldn’t charge the man claiming to own the bag because he couldn’t verify the owner of the pipe, according to the release.

Kick Me Sign Get's Police Involved At Intel

From the KRQE story “Workplace prank no kicks for co-worker

“This is definably a strange one,” Sgt. Nick Onken with Rio Rancho police said.

Onken said a man in his 40s filed a police report this week saying he had enough from his pranky co-workers at the plant in Rio Rancho.

“He stated that he is to the point with this tomfoolery that he doesn’t feel safe any longer in his work environment,” Onken said.

And the tomfoolery that pushed the man over the edge was a sign taped to his back that read “Kick me.”

Dumbshits Who Live In Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Every city has people who are not very intelligent. Rio Rancho, New Mexico has the appropriately named James Dickie.

Dickie allegedly burnt the dog, burnt his scrotum, burnt his testicles, in order to save himself the expense of possibly having the dog neutered by a licensed veterinarian,” said John Francis of the Rio Rancho police. Police said two days before the incident, Dickie was seen violently beating Charlie in the yard. According to the police report, Dickie drop-kicked his dog several times and threw the animal into a yucca plant.

Mr. Dick-ie was arrested and faces a 4th degree felony. The dog had $700 in hospital bills payed by a neighbor. A follow up indicates that Mr. Dick-ie has more dogs and the Rio Rancho Police can’t do anything about it. He will probably have them taken away when he is hopefully sentenced.

At least one neighbor is clueless.

One neighbor told Action 7 News that the accusations against Dickie do not paint a fair picture of him, and that he takes good care of his animals.

New Mexico Headline Of The Day

From KOAT.com, Man Arrested In Connection With Animal Sexual Assault

In August, someone broke into an Albuquerque animal shelter, stole a dog and sexually assaulted the animal.
Thursday, Bernalillo County Detectives arrested Pete Chavez Jr. Thursday in connection with the incident.
The police report states he stole a golden retriever from the Animal Humane Association of New Mexico in July and sodomized it, possibly with a foreign object.
A staff veterinarian reported the dog had serious injuries.
Detectives said an informant led them to the suspect.
According to the informant, the suspect has a history of burglarizing homes and businesses as well as a history of sexual acts with animals.
The informant told police she witnessed Chavez allow a Chihuahua dog to lick his genitals on a previous occasion.
She also told police she was with him while robbing a home last Christmas Eve, stealing Christmas presents, a TV and pottery in the house.
This is a case detectives say are glad is coming to a close.
“In seven years in law enforcement, I’ve never heard of a crime like this,” said Detective Amy Dudewicz of the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office. “I know it exists. As far as my reaction to this, I am horrified.”
Chavez is charged with residential burglary, commercial burglary, criminal damage to property and extreme animal cruelty.
Even if Chavez is convicted of these crimes, he would not have to register as a sex offender, according to current state law.

Follow Up to Dog Attack

Here’s a follow up to the dog attack that happened near my house and showed up on national TV.

A police report concerning the dog that apparently bit off a man’s genitals says that the man may have been using force against the animal. Rudolfo Ramirez, 25, might have been trying to forcibly open the pit bull’s mouth. The report also said Ramirez was wandering the neighborhood in only in boxer shorts. … “As soon as he hit the dog, the dog yelped and the guy got up,” Chacon remembers. “He was still alive but his inner thighs, genitalia, and lower stomach was all ripped away.” … The dog at the focus of the story remains at an animal shelter, as the search for its owner continues.

There was a point in which we thought the guy was sexually assaulting the dog.