Vegas Video

Here’s a video I made of our trip to Vegas in 2003. Not exactly Hollywood quality, it was really more of practice. But I know there are some that would want to see. The video is a combo of photos and video I shot while there. Put to the only music that’s appropriate.

Austin 2001

Downtown Austin

Another business trip this time to Austin in July of 2001. It’s pretty miserable in Austin in July (humidity) and hope to never go at this time of year again. I also have a hard time being where there are no mountains. Weird. But their capital building is beautiful and the Alamo is over hyped.

You can view the complete set of

Vegas Vacation

I’ve posted some photos of our trip to Las Vegas this week. In the next few days I’ll write some more about the trip.

I took about 100 pictures and almost a hour of video. I put the 25 most interesting pictures on the web. I did much better with the pictures as I think I got a good handle on working the exposure settings on my PowerShot S100. Unfortunately I am hitting its limitation and wishing I had more control. Looks like a new camera will be in the works.

Update 01/25/08: The orginal link has been removed and all the photos have been posted on a flickr set.

What’s most interesting is the camera I took these photos in 2003 with, the Canon Powershot S100, at the time seemed to do a poor job. Most of the photos seemed under exposed. Since then I’ve been going through my photo archives with Aperture and found I was able to really clean them up. It’s amazing what a good job that little camera did after all. Here are a few of my favorites.

Fountian Outside the Pairs Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

Vegas strip at night

Funky resturant in Vegas

2003 Vegas Vacation 50

2003 Vegas Vacation 53