Albuquerque Cops Working In Bikini Tops

Local Albuquerque news station KRQE reports that two off duty female APD officers pulled over a man in bikini tops.

“(They wore) very superficial clothes,” Spilca said. “Like a shirt unbuttoned to here and very short pants.”

In addition to the bikini tops, which were visible underneath the two officers’ unbuttoned shirts, Jara and Kelly had pistols tucked into their short shorts, he said. Besides the guns, the only other thing that identified them as police officers were badges pinned to their shorts, Spilca said, adding that it wasn’t obvious that the women were cops.

The man who was pulled over, Ilie Spilca, has apparently filed a citizen complaint with the APD. I just don’t understand why. When I’m pulled over by female APD officers I would much rather they be in Bikini’s. Or be wearing those tear off uniforms, take out a boom box and start dancing.

Sadly the included TV news report does not include photos of the officers in bikinis.

Arizona Posts From Charles Platt On Boing Boing

Charles Platt has had a number of posts on Boing Boing about Arizona (Unfortunately there’s no way for me to link to just his posts on Arizona or just his posts on Boing Boing). Since I am from Arizona, I have particularly enjoyed these posts. Arizona is so much more than the heavily populated and oppressively hot Phoenix Metro area.




His latest is about the Titan Missile Museum in Sahuarita, Arizona. I have never heard of either. Sahuarita, Arizona is located south of Tucson near Green Valley. There are about 1000 pictures related to the museum on Flickr.




I also liked his post with a view from a “former mining town” somewhere in Arizona. It could from a number of places. He doesn’t mention where exactly (probably Jerome).

I also have a number of photos on Flickr about Arizona and posts here on this blog you can check out.

Titan Missile photo from Telstar Logistics on Flickr.


I attempted to take some photos of the fireworks on Monday. The results were so-so. Although I tried to follow the recommendations I came up short in several areas.

I had a good camera and a tripod. But I was missing the ability to remotely control the camera. Thus camera shake was a issue. I think my exposure and other camera settings were good, but we were far from the action. A zoom lens would have helped a lot. Even then I think I could have got better shots closer to the firing location.

I ended up with about 360 pictures of which there’s maybe 10 good ones. Even those were too small. It was a good learning experience though!

Incredible Pet Tricks

First off this dog is weird just because it’s hairless. A friend of mine picked it up from the animal clinic a few days ago, the owner was going to have it put to sleep, so they rescued it. This one had skin issues probably because it wasn’t allowed in the sun, it’s skin didn’t develop any natural resistance.

It has a very strange habit of turning its head over and upside down resting it on it’s back. It seems pretty comfortable doing while doing it even started to doze off. I took this photo with my cell phone so it’s pretty crappy, I’ll try to get a better one next time I’m over there. 


Site Updates

I’ve been hard at work at several changes around here. A lot of it under the hood.

Things were getting out of control with a miscellaneous folder I was throwing photos in. iBlog wasn’t able to control the placement of photos in the entries as it is now so to get around that I was using HTML code. I went through and removed the HTML and put the photos into the entries. A major pain to go through some 300 entries to check them all.

Next I changed the basic layout of the site. The Abstract now only shows on the main and category pages with the Body only showing on the main entry page. This allows me to make a quick intro to the entry, as I think it was intended. Again I had to through each entry and make sure it had the body set up correctly.

I went through and made some tweaks to the template. Check out the menu bar at the top and the “quick links” on a entry page. I think it works out pretty good.

I cleaned up the photo album entries. Your mother always told you that tables are for tabular data, not layouts. So i removed the table structure of the albums and made them pure CSS. The advantage of the CSS layout is that it will auto adjust the columns so they don’t overlap. Check out a album and resize the browser window to see what I mean.

And finally I added a whole bunch of stuff as blog entries (check out the photo section) that have been floating around my .mac account without a real way to get to them. I still got a few things to add but I think the majority of it’s there now.