Val Kilmer For Governor Of New Mexico

Could Val Kilmer be running for Governor?

There’s a rumor beginning to circulate that Val Kilmer wants to run for governor of New Mexico in 2010.

Kilmer was in the news last week when he was supposed to join Ralph Nader in Denver for a rally, alongside Sean Penn. Now calls are being made, cameras are being positioned.

We asked a few D.C. insiders their take on the rumor, and of course they asked to remain anonymous. (What if they want him as a client someday?)

Val Kilmer use to own the Pecos River Ranch in northern New Mexico and has lived in the state for 20 years. Thanks New Mexico FBIHOP.

Before Val Kilmer does anything, he better make the sequel to Real Genius.


Holy crap we got a lot of rain! The state of New Mexico has been pounded with rain for the last 4 days. And I’m talking lots of rain. Despite being in a drought sometimes you can get too much rain.

Generally New Mexico gets about 8 inches of rain a year. This last storm brought 2.5 to 3.5 inches depending on where you are. Carlsbad got nearly 6.

This is why I suggest a national pipeline. Not to pump oil but to pump water. There would be a network of big pipes located throughout the country. Through these pipes we could pump water from where ever there are rivers and lakes and people living near by. If these waterways flood then we could pump the water to where it’s needed. For example the flooded Pecos river in Carlsbad could have had it’s water pumped to Elephant Butte lake where it’s extremely low. If it floods in the mississippi river valley they and there’s a drought in the southwest the excess water could be pumped where it’s needed.

It’s been done with the CAP (Central Arizona Project) where they bring water from the Colorado River to the Phoenix area.