Extracting Gas From Air

A article on azcentral.com titled “Air Products grows to keep up with Intel” explains how Air Products makes air products and ships them to the Intel site in Arizona. This is probably similar to how it’s done for Intel in Rio Rancho, NM.

The company removes all components of air except nitrogen, oxygen and argon. Then in those white, angular towers, it separates out those three gases with very low temperatures. Oxygen turns to liquid at minus 297.3 degrees Fahrenheit, and nitrogen turns to liquid at minus 320 degrees.

Then the liquid is boiled, producing pure gas.

“We use compression and expansion, like the air-conditioning unit on the outside of a house,” Jordan explained.

Nitrogen gas made in Chandler goes directly into the pipeline, a structure intended to last 100 years.


Strange? In What Way?

A 91-year-old Sun City man, who is on oxygen and confined to a wheelchair, surrendered Thursday morning after a nearly six-hour standoff in which he was armed with a handgun, authorities said.

“Well, this is a strange situation,” Arpaio told reporters

Armed 91-year-old man surrenders after standoff

Biosphere 2: Now It Can Be Yours

Biosphere 2, that lovable Earth environment within Earth environment is for sale. Bioshphere 2 is located in Oracle, Arizona. How much? Well they don’t seem to be saying. But it cost the current developer 200 million dollars to get it to where it is now so, uh, you will need a few million.

If you don’t recall, the whole idea in the Biosphere was to encapulate humans in a earth like bubble and see if the could manage the production of food, water and oxygen like one might do on mars or other inhospitable planet. That didn’t work out too well and they had to get help from “the outside”. Some saw that as a utter and complete failure, some saw it as a learning experience. I agree with the former. They did this 3 times.

I would also like to note that it’s annoying that their website resized the browser to full screen for no apparent reason.