Car Vs. Cow Accident In Rio Rancho

From local TV news station KOAT “Man Shaken Up After Slamming Into Cow

A Rio Rancho man said he’s lucky to be alive after his car crashed into a cow that walked into a busy street.
Action 7 News has detailed the cow crossing problems in Sandoval County for years, but reports of cow incidents have spiked in recent weeks.

Last Friday, Action 7 News reported on several cows that’d been getting through a cut fence line near King Boulevard in Rio Rancho. That cut fence line is just down the road from where Gill’s accident occurred.

Hard to believe that there’s enough out in the desert of Rio Rancho for cows to eat, but there are many of them out here, epecially near this area which is which is supposed to be downtown.


Albuquerque Cops Working In Bikini Tops

Local Albuquerque news station KRQE reports that two off duty female APD officers pulled over a man in bikini tops.

“(They wore) very superficial clothes,” Spilca said. “Like a shirt unbuttoned to here and very short pants.”

In addition to the bikini tops, which were visible underneath the two officers’ unbuttoned shirts, Jara and Kelly had pistols tucked into their short shorts, he said. Besides the guns, the only other thing that identified them as police officers were badges pinned to their shorts, Spilca said, adding that it wasn’t obvious that the women were cops.

The man who was pulled over, Ilie Spilca, has apparently filed a citizen complaint with the APD. I just don’t understand why. When I’m pulled over by female APD officers I would much rather they be in Bikini’s. Or be wearing those tear off uniforms, take out a boom box and start dancing.

Sadly the included TV news report does not include photos of the officers in bikinis.

More On The iPhone Balloon Tracking Application

The local TV news station KOB has more on the iPhone balloon tracking application. The app is written by Anthony Cardinale and is a real time tracking application. It’s being tested by 5 ballon pilots and chase crews at this years Albuquerque Ballon Fiasco, I mean Balloon Fiesta.

“At some point, every pilot could be using this, and we are going to have a free version that allows people to come to the Balloon Fiesta and load it up to see where all the balloons are in real time,” Cardinale said.

Might make going to the Balloon Fiesta worthwhile.

KOB's Breaking News Abuse

It’s been windy as heck yesterday and today, which helped to make for some spectacular fires in the bosqe near Belen. Of course there’s evacuation, peoples property or worse is effected. I expect the news stations to report on it, but there a point where they go too far. Here’s my list of why it gets too annoying.

  • The overlay banner at the bottom of the screen causes the High Def programming to switch to standard definition.
  • The overlay banner at the bottom of the screen stays on constantly for what seems like hours. They need to just have it on for a minute then turn it off.
  • The overlay banner reports the same information over and over, with little or no change. Again, turn it off for a while if there’s nothing new.
  • The overlay banner tells me over and over how I can turn into the news station at the next normal broadcast time to learn more. Well no fucking shit sherlock, did I think you were going to forget about it? Lets call this what it is, a attempt to advertise your own ego inflated new show.
  • The current show is interrupted with a news person to tell us what the banner has been saying, and the banner is still running.
  • The current show is interrupted at the very end, just before the news broadcast, for breaking news and the ending of the current show is never shown. Since we couldn’t wait 2 minutes for the local news.

At this point I’m already annoyed with this channel for ruining the HD show I was watching and have switched to another channel or started watching something on the DVR. When it comes time watch the local news, I won’t be watching your dam channel.