Albuquerque Cops Working In Bikini Tops

Local Albuquerque news station KRQE reports that two off duty female APD officers pulled over a man in bikini tops.

“(They wore) very superficial clothes,” Spilca said. “Like a shirt unbuttoned to here and very short pants.”

In addition to the bikini tops, which were visible underneath the two officers’ unbuttoned shirts, Jara and Kelly had pistols tucked into their short shorts, he said. Besides the guns, the only other thing that identified them as police officers were badges pinned to their shorts, Spilca said, adding that it wasn’t obvious that the women were cops.

The man who was pulled over, Ilie Spilca, has apparently filed a citizen complaint with the APD. I just don’t understand why. When I’m pulled over by female APD officers I would much rather they be in Bikini’s. Or be wearing those tear off uniforms, take out a boom box and start dancing.

Sadly the included TV news report does not include photos of the officers in bikinis.


Tom Joles Black Eye

Local New Mexico news report Tom Joles of KOB briefly explained why he had a black eye. Reasonable considering he shows his face on TV nearly every day.

The some of the unmoderated comments on’s website wanted to know why this was news. Other’s were not accepting the official explanation of a sinus related medical conditon. Here’s a few of my favorites.


Fitting. His entire field of so-called journalism has one too.


Has anyone ask Nicole Brady if ole Tom got a little frisky?


I heard that night in the ER that he was riding his horse at night and ran into a tree!!!


He was slugged by a stripper at Fantasy World.

KRQE At Intel On The Inauguration

KRQE, the local CBS affiliate, was at Intel today during the inauguration. I assume they were doing a follow-up to this story from yesterday about employers showing the inauguration during work hours.

The embedded video here is of that story from yesterday. What about the video from today?

Not only did KRQE have a camera man roving around the cafeteria during the inauguration, they had a reporter in the parking lot around noon time. I assume it was for their noon news report. I can’t find that video on their site. If I did find it I would likely be in it as I passed by the camera several times.

If I do find the video I will update this post with the added video.