Mythbusters Uses New Mexico Tech's Rocket Sled

The Mythbusters were testing weather two semi trucks that collide at highway speeds into a car would turn the car into a pancake and fuse the semis trucks together. The were not able to prove either scenarios.

In usual Mythbusters fashion, they have to see what it will take to do what they were testing. To turn a car into a pancake, they went to New Mexico Tech to use their rocket rail to smash the car. There is a video of the results on YouTube.

They also fused sheets of metal together using explosives. If I can find that video I will add it.


New Mexico Techs Green Toilet Over Clock Tower

A toilet painted bright green and a pirate flag adorned the clock tower over Joseph Skeen Library at New Mexico Tech in Socorro until crews took it down Monday. Crews noticed the commode Sunday morning and taped off the area so nobody would get hit if the lime porcelain fell.
A prankster had apparently placed the commode on the top of the vertical tower, but crews are still trying to figure out how & and who. – N.M. Tech takes lime green toilet off clock tower . Video and pictures at KOB’s website.