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Read more About This Site, if the page looks screwed up, I make heavy use of JavaScript and CSS and older versions of many web browsers (especially Internet Explorer on Windows) don’t render parts of this site well. Even newer version can choke on some of it (Complain to Microsoft about their substandard product). I would suggest a non Microsoft browser that will have less/no problems with this site: Mozilla.

On the other hand if you surf to a particular section and find it doesn’t work right then that could be my fault. Let me know if you get a problem and where it is so I can check it out.  


Safari 2.1 Screws Up My CSS

I’ve put considerable effort into removing the tables and going pure CSS on this site. Today Apple released Safari 1.2 that really screws up everything. I’ve fixed some of the issues but for some reason Safari doesn’t render the center column. That could be due to my crappy CSS coding or a bug in Safari. Either way it’s obviously broken so I’ve removed the theme switched until I can get at least on style sheet working correctly.

[Update:] OK, Camino, Mozilla and Omniweb all have the same behavior. But IE on windows doesn’t do it. I’m very perplexed. I also discovered that one of my Ads is producing Pop-unders! Say goodbye to everything except Amazon.com ads.

[Update 2:] May not be Apple’s fault completely. I had the “position” of the middle box set for 10 pixels from the bottom. Apparently this means 10 pixels from what ever part of the browser window you can see.