Urinating In The Jemez To Find Bigfoot


The species of bigfoot is so hard to find, but is apparently everywhere. Including the Jemez Mountians in New Mexico. From the Albuquerque Journal article titled “Bigfoot? In the Jemez? Perhaps“.

The New Mexico episode centered on a nighttime thermal video taken in the Jemez on an outing of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization in 2011. The TV team camped out in the Jemez in the same spot that the BFRO captured a figure lurking in the woods and tried to lure a sasquatch by howling and urinating to mark territory in hopes the apeman would move in to defend it.


Wet Weather Expected. Also Sky is Blue, Earth is Round

Snow capped Sandia Mountians at sunset
Snow capped Sandia Mountians at sunset

The forecast calls for more rain this week. 2004 was one of the top ten wettest years since they started making records of such things. Just based on the first 2 months, 2005 could become the wettest!

Seen here, the snowy Sandia Mountains at sunset.

LANL Getting Their Act Together, Hopefully (updated)

Los Alamos National Labs was where they invented the first nuke, then send it down south to test. LANL is located kind of between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, near the Jemez mountians. There’s a route from Albuquerque through the Jemez that take you to Los Alamos. Along the road you see abandon cement outposts with “Tech Sector” or something written on them. Back in the day there use to be armed patrols guarding this area in the mountains.

Back in the day they were more concerned about security. Now adays they are being critized for insuffiecnt security, with all this loosing hard drives and floppy disks with classified information and such. Now it looks like heads are going to roll. Last week, “I don’t care how many people I have to fire” in order to knock the security- and safety-challenged staff into line, Los Alamos chief G. Peter (“Pete”) Nanos declared in the Friday memorandum to his 12,000 employees.” and today, ” Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham today ordered a halt to all Department of Energy operations that use the same kind of computer disks reported missing last week at Los Alamos National Laboratory.” I think some people at the labs thing they “were to important to be fired” orpeople focusing and making a big deal about stupid, meaningless things instead of doing their jobs: protecting information and national security.” Clearly they have forgot what’s important.

There as been talk before about reducing the number of national labs in this country. Los Alamos is a company town, and things like this will just make congress want to “make it go away”.

[Updated 07/26/04:] Check out this, “The owner of a Los Alamos business, where the FBI seized several items, says the items are an elaborate jest. The owner of the Black Hole Surplus Store and Museum, Ed Grothus, says the items included a small computer hard drive, a cassette tape and some tape labels. He says he had word ?secret? printed on the labels and he placed the labels on the cassette tape and the hard drive.”