Terrorist Mountain Lions

More on the war against Mountain Lions. According to KOB, two Mountain Lions were killed in Durango becuase they were suspicious.

The 50 pound cats were 2-years-old and because of their strange behavior, officials say they had not choice but to kill them.

Also they were seen carrying plans to the Death Star. Clearly these Mountain Lions are a threat to the American way of life and need to be eliminated.


Mountain Lions In New Mexico

Mountain Lions are pretty common in New Mexico and most occur near the uh… mountains. Last week a Mountain Lions apparently killed an ate a man in Pinos Altos, NM. Pinos Altos is located way south of Albuquerque. They caught a cat that may have been the cat that did it, so they killed it anyways. The American way i guess.

In May

Officers from the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish investigators said they are now 90 percent sure that a Mountain Lion’ pounced on Jose Salazar Jr., 5, and was trying to drag him away as the boy’s father gave chase.

Mostly Mountain Lion’s try to avoid humans and are probably pretty desperate if they attack a human. If you live near their habitat, I would keep your small dogs and cats inside.

Updated 7/1/08: A second lion has been killed near Pions Altos. This one may have also been responsible. Lets just kill them all to be sure.