High Class Bank Robbers In Rio Rancho

A bank robber dressed in a pin striped suit tried to rob a Bank Of America on Country Club and Southern Blvd in Rio Rancho on Friday.

He apparently changed his mind and took back his note and money bag. It takes a much higher class of person to rob a bank now a days.


Crazy FedEx Delivery Route

When Smarthome had their last sale, I ordered a few things from them. I used the cheapest shipping which is through FedEx SmartPost. The package went from Irvine, CA to Los Angeles, CA to Denver, CO to Phoenix, AZ then back to Los Angeles, CA then to Denver, CO then finally arrived in Rio Rancho.


It’s as if they were doing everything they could to avoid brining the package through New Mexico. I realize this is the cheapest shipping option but I can’t see how Fed Ex saves any money this way.

No Public Access To Xprize This Year


I went to the second annual xprize cup competion in Las Cruces in 2006. Although incredibly windy it was a great event to attend. This year they don’t have the money for a public display so only registered attendees get in. What a bummer.

“The Cup as it has traditionally been held is not (going to happen this year) because of funding levels it takes to run a massive public event,” Steve Landeene, executive director of the New Mexico Spaceport Authority, told the Sun-News.

“And the fact that the air show at Holloman is not on this year … that was part of the decision-making process that went into saying, ‘Hey, we don’t have the funds to have a massive public event.’ So what we’re doing this year is kind of a hybrid,” Landeene said.

11.43 Million Dollars Each

Not too shabby.

Nine people from Roswell have come forward and claimed the $207 million Powerball jackpot from last Saturday’s drawing.
The group collectively purchased the winning ticket from a gas station on Main Street in Roswell. They have decided to take a $102.9 million lump sum.
The nine are identified as Carl and Holly Baldwin, Kevin and Jessica Breedyk, Ron and Cindy Miller, Ryan and Nicole Miller, and Randy Miller.
Holly Baldwin purchased the tickets at a gas station two hours before the Sept. 27 drawing with money pitched in by the group.
Ron Miller said the winners will invest most of the money and set up a trust for charity. The winning numbers were 13, 24, 29, 40, 52 with 29 as the Powerball number.

1957 Buick Super For Sale

1957 Buick Super For Sale by gregjsmith, on Flickr
1957 Buick Super For Sale by gregjsmith, on Flickr

Down the street from my house is a 1957 Buick Super for sale. According to the sign it only has 87K miles on it and they are asking $5750. I have no idea how well it drives but body and interior did appear to be in good condition for a 51 year old car. Not a bad price for a vehicle that runs let alone one this old.

I would totally buy a car like this if I had the money and place to put it and didn’t already have a project car (that I haven’t worked on in years).

Riding My Bike To Work

A while back I suggested that I would start riding my bike to work. At the time it didn’t work out because I have to be in the factory at 7 am 5 days a week. I have a hard enough time getting up in time to drive to work let alone getting up early to ride to work. A few weeks ago I started back on a compressed work week schedule which means I work Sundays. Since I didn’t need to be in at exactly 7 am, I got a chance to try out biking.

I was able to find a path that almost completely avoids main roads. Rio Rancho (and Albuquerque) and not on the top of the list of bike friendly cities. Many of the roads don’t have sidewalks let alone bike paths. Those that have sidewalks only have them on one side of the street.

The 5.3 mile ride into work takes me about 25 minutes and it’s all down hill. This means less effort on my part and less sweating and I can avoid the shower and change of clothes. The ride home is much tougher and takes me 45 minutes. I learned the hard way that non cotton clothing is the way to go. Getting the sweat off my body is absolutely imperative if I don’t want to collapse on the way home.

This week my truck broke down (started overheating, it was the thermostat) and I had to ride my bike in 3 of the 4 days of my shift. I learned that I can get up in time to be in at 7 am. Even though my truck is supposedly fixed, I will try to ride my bike in again next week. I expect to save money of fuel but will I loose some of this fat off my body?

Red Light Cameras: It's All About The Money

I can’t help be be amused that the Mayor of Albuquerque has suspended the red light camera program over money. According to him, the purpose of the program was not to make money, but was to increase safety at risky intersections. Its questionable if the data supports this, but the program did make money, like $10 million. Oops, that extra $10 million wasn’t supposed to happen. Or was it?

Now the state wants a cut of it, or I guess all of it, so goodbye cash cow. I’m sure all interested parties will find a way so everyone can profit. except the citizens.