Bathing Bad Bath Salts: Cooked In Albuquerque

Inspired by Breaking Bad:

Do you find yourself worrying about taking care of yourself or your family? Do you spend time during your tv show wandering around in just your underwear? Even had a plane crash over your house? Are you looking for better ways than a carwash to launder your money? Then Bathing Bad is for you. We relax away the bad with every, long, hot, luxurious bath.

A proprietary blend of fine, course and jumbo ancient salts, organic blend of essential oils that relaxes away the Bad.

First, stop worrying about everything. Run yourself a nice hot bath. Sprinkle our blue “meth” salts into your water and smell the relaxation. Add yourself to the warm bath and soak as long as needed to relax away the Bad.

You can get:

81Er8Yi7NwL._SL1500_Bathing Bad Bath Salts for $15.




41aMHvCx4CLBathing Bad Bath Salts & Body Scrub for $32





61aX66ZDmFL._SL1240_Bathing Bad Bath Gift Bucket with a Los Pollos Hermanos Gift bucket for $67.


What's This About Intel Buying Qualcomm?

I, Cringely “Prediction 3: Intel buys Qualcomm“:

The dominant theme in this set of predictions for 2012 is the mobile conversion as we abandon our desktops for mobile devices and the Cloud. Intel, while the dominant maker of microprocessors, doesn’t have a strong product position in mobile. Worse still, the company has a leadership vacuum and a culture that has not adapted well to change. Deep pockets aren’t enough when you don’t know where to spend the money and you are running out of time. That’s Intel.

Does buying Qualcomm really solve these supposed problems that Cringely thinks Intel has? Qualcomm bought the naming rights to Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego, that’s not something Intel would do. Qualcomm isn’t a big of a company as Intel is but it’s still a very big company.

Rio Rancho Speed Vans Don't Know Where They Are

Apparently the City of Rio Rancho’s Robot speed enforcement van’s don’t know where they are.

The speed limit in the neighborhood is 25 mph and Trujillo was ordered to pay $100 for speeding. She was driving 41 mph on Idalia Road when the speeding van clocked her.
Rio Rancho police said it was a human error and they’re going to dismiss the ticket. Police said tat least three others have come forward and their tickets were also dismissed.

Only three people have come forward but how many were incorrectly ticketed? Will the city of Rio Rancho just keep the money unless someone questions their ticket? Clearly they don’t have officers reviewing these tickets from the speed vans (and perhaps the red light speed cameras) for mistakes, After all the purpose of the speed vans are a way for the city to make money.

Computers are only as good as their programming, and when you put a computer in charge of enforcing people to behave this is the results.

Do Not Want: Red Light Speed Cameras In Rio Rancho

On April 20th, The Mayor Of Rio Rancho Tom Swisstack::

Swisstack has spoken publicly against red-light cameras, saying he doesn’t think residents should be fined in order to support police and firefighters. He said he remains reluctant on the cameras but said if the primary reason for them is public safety and not revenue — then he’s open to discuss the issue. “The cameras have to be for public safety — this has to be about enhancing public safety because right now we can’t hire the number of cops we need,” he said.

As part of his campaign, he also said he was against red light cameras. Then on April 26th, he apparently was for them.

Swisstack advocated for additional red-light cameras and more city fees, but no pool closures.

The City of Rio Rancho is facing a negative budget and City Manager James Jimenez recommended red light cameras as a way to increase income for the city. Tonight the City Council will vote on implementing red light cameras and other city budget items and I have no doubt that they will vote to install them.

You might think that Mayor Swisstack or the City Council might want to wait for the results of the UNM study on red light cameras, the study that will determine if the Mayor of Albuquerque will shut them down. Or they might consider that the State of New Mexico has shut down a few cameras in Albuquerque that were on state roads. Or that the State of Arizona has shut down speed cameras. When you have a budget shortfall and you decide to implement red light cameras, the cameras have nothing to do with safety. Instead it’s a way to fleece the residents with a tax without calling it a tax.

No doubt RedFlex is salivating. They will be the likely benefactor as they will probably make a profit off every ticket issued.

There’s a lot I like about living in Rio Rancho. After visiting the Phoenix area being without red light and speed cameras is one of them. Tonight the City of Rio Rancho will likely vote to implement them. I suppose there is a chance they won’t but I’m not optimistic.

Update: Red Light cameras have passed. Councilman Timothy Crum:

“The intention behind the red light camera is certainly to reduce crime, reduce traffic citations and protect the community,”


Green2V: Non Existence Solar Company To Build Big Ass Factory In Rio Rancho

Governor Richardson was with Mayor Tom Swisstack of Rio Rancho today to announce that Green2V will build a million square-foot factory and headquarters in Rio Rancho. With Advent Solar and Schott AG building solar factories in Albuquerque, I wondered when one would build in Rio Rancho.

I have a number of concerns about this company, primarily that the company doesn’t seem to exist. As far as I can tell the privately owned Green2V doesn’t have any buildings or even a website and Wikipedia doesn’t have a page for them. The companies CEO, Bill Sheppard, is a former Intel New Mexico manager. Convenient since I suspect a large number of Green2V employees will come from the Intel New Mexico site. I don’t know where they are getting their money to build this company, what experience they have or what their business plan is.

The only thing I know is that their ambitious plan involves building in downtown Rio Rancho and that they want to start shipping in 2011. I hope this works out.

Update: Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting this is some sort of scam. I really want this to work out and I may even want to work for Green2V. I’m suggesting it’s a little early to get excited. It could turn out like Tesla, Lions Gate or Signet Solar, all established companies that planned to build in the Albuquerque area and didn’t for one reason or another.

Building A Habitat For Scorpions And Trying To Keep Them

I thought I would try to turn a negative into a positive with my scorpions situation by capturing them and keeping in them in a glassed habitat in the house. Perhaps there’s money to be made selling scorpions.

The first thing I did was to clean out a 10 gallon aquarium that was being unused.

Scorpion habitat from a 10 gallon aquarium

I then added cactus from the back yard.

Adding cactus to a scorpion habitat

I then added some sandy soil (commonly referred to as dirt), also from the back yard.

Adding sandy soil to the scorpion habitat

I then added a pile of rocks, from the front yard this time.

Adding a pile of rocks to the scorpion habitat

I then added the scorpion (Vaejovis flavus). This one came from inside the house.

Possible Vaejovis flavus species of scorpion?

The first scorpion died after keeping it in the tank for about a month. This was despite providing it several crickets that it quickly ate.

Since Saturn the cat came along, I rarely get a scorpion before she kills them. Plus she is has eliminated the scorpion food supply in the house so I don’t know that I will get much more of them. The tank currently sits empty.

The Roswell UFO incident Will Never Go Away


Roswell New Mexico was the site of a supposed alien crash site in 1947. In 2002 UFO researchers found a tiny piece of metal that isn’t native to the Roswell area. It must be from the UFO!

The Metal is aluminum silicon, which is a common alloy made on planet earth, isn’t native to Roswell because it’s a man made metal. However “proper scientific analysis” will apparently prove that the metal is from the alien space craft.

The UFO investigators have apparently ran out of money for the additional testing, whatever that is.