Dumbshits Who Live In Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Every city has people who are not very intelligent. Rio Rancho, New Mexico has the appropriately named James Dickie.

Dickie allegedly burnt the dog, burnt his scrotum, burnt his testicles, in order to save himself the expense of possibly having the dog neutered by a licensed veterinarian,” said John Francis of the Rio Rancho police. Police said two days before the incident, Dickie was seen violently beating Charlie in the yard. According to the police report, Dickie drop-kicked his dog several times and threw the animal into a yucca plant.

Mr. Dick-ie was arrested and faces a 4th degree felony. The dog had $700 in hospital bills payed by a neighbor. A follow up indicates that Mr. Dick-ie has more dogs and the Rio Rancho Police can’t do anything about it. He will probably have them taken away when he is hopefully sentenced.

At least one neighbor is clueless.

One neighbor told Action 7 News that the accusations against Dickie do not paint a fair picture of him, and that he takes good care of his animals.

Solar Array Ventures Inc. Is Moving To New Mexico

What’s good news for Albuquerque is bad news for Austin. New Mexico offered the Texas company Solar Array Ventures Inc. (SAVe)such good incentives that they are moving the whole company, headquarters and all, to New Mexico. They wont say exactly what New Mexico offered.

The City of Albuquerque website says the factory will be built on the west side on Cordero Mesa near I-40 on Paseo del Vulcan and could employ up to 1000 people in 5 years. Assuming Texas doesn’t pull a Tesla and manage to keep SAVe in Austin.

Oddly, not a single Albuquerque TV news site has an article on the company coming to Albuquerque that I can find.