What Was The Suspicious Device At A Albuquerque Train Station?

A suspicious device was found at a Rail Runner train stop in Albuquerque.

Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Lt. Duncan Sanchez said the device consisted of two white cylinders attached to a base with protruding wires. The Albuquerque police bomb squad used a robot to disable the device… Authorities declined to say what the device was.

Uh… yeah, I would call that suspicious. It was plugged into a outlet at the train station. Does this mean that power outlets will be banned next?

I’m really interested to hear what this thing is.


Las Cruces Held For Ransom

Las Cruces police are warning residents that someone threatened to randomly shoot people if city leaders failed to hand over what they described as a “substantial” ransom.The city received the second of two threatening letters Friday afternoon, but police remained tightlipped about details of the demand, including how much money was involved. They did say the demand called for a “substantial amount.”At a news conference late Friday, Lt. Randy Lara said he didn’t want to alarm residents but he urged them to watch for any suspicious activity.”The letter did reference that Las Cruces residents will be shot at random if the city didn’t comply with the extortion,” Lara said.


Javascript Random Quote Generator

Note: This is targeted to users of iBlog, but should work easily with any site.

Everytime I find a interesting quote I’ve wanted to rotate them through my site. I think there are some free services out there that will do them with a simple javascript but I hate having to have stuff hosted on other sites; it slows mine down. I found this site with some embedded javascript code that does basicly what I want except I dont’ want it embedded. So I modified it to be a file that I referece from within the templates in iBlog. It also has the advantage that when I want to update the quotes I only have to update one file, rather than every template file and republish every page of the stie.

The code looks like this:

This Script was created by Daniel Standley
Please feel free to use it but make sure you give me credit
My Email is gandalf_au@kooee.com.au
and my website is standleydj.tripod.com
// The quotes that appear on the page.
quotes = new Array("<i>&quot;I think we ought to raise the age at which juveniles can have a gun.&quot;</i>&nbsp;- George W. Bush","<i>&quot;They misunderestimated me.&quot;</i> - George W. Bush","<i>&quot;I have no special talents I am only passionately curious&quot;</i> - Albert Einstein","<i>&quot;The report of my death was an exaggeration&quot;</i> - Mark Twain","<i>&quot;One began to hear it said that World War I was the chemists' war, World War II was the physicists' war, World War III (may it never come) will be the mathematicians' war&quot;</i> - Davis, Philip J. and Hersh, Reuben", " "&quot;They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety&quot;</i> - Benjamin Franklin")

//Alter nothing below the script wont work if you do.
qte = quotes.length
function chooseQuote(){
randomNum = Math.floor
((Math.random() * qte))


The actual quotes are contained in the part that says quotes = new Array( ). You will see some comma seperated values in quotes. You can add or change the ones that are there

To use it take that text and paste it into a text editor. Save it as a plain text file called quotegenerator.js and put it where ever you publish your blog to. You will need to put a line in the template files you wish to use it in.

Put this inbetween the head tags:

<script type="text/javascript" src="<$>quotegenerator.js" language="JavaScript"></script>

To use the quote generator put this bit of code in your site:

<script type="text/javascript">chooseQuote();</script>

I put this in my blog description portion of iblog so it looks like this: 


Since iBlog doesn’t use a javascript function for the description it works perfectly. 

Thanks for the Review

Whatdayaknow… The WeblogReview reviewed my website today. I have to pretty much agree with what the reviewer said. Interestingly enough this weekend I sat down trying to figure out what was causing the side columns to overlap the center, it turned out to be a extra “<” next to the letter A that I missed. Took me forever to figure that out. I had also thought along the same lines that the site navigation needed some improvement so I moved things around to address this.

As for the IE thing. I’m not sure what to do. The current version of IE that I have on my PC at works seems to do a pretty decent job except for the javascript errors (which I’m still trying to isolate). I know older versions of IE choke on some of the CSS. Not much I can do about that. It’s definitely not an issue where I’m purposly trying to prevent IE users from viewing the page, I just don’t know what I need to do to make it work as well as it does on Safari.