"Laboratory Conditions" Movie About Los Alamos

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From the department of “one thing inevitably leads to another,” we present Laboratory Conditions, a film we made on the way to making another film. Scouting for props and locations for our current film project, 72° led us to Los Alamos, New Mexico. We found a lot more there than we bargained for.

Laboratory Conditions

The Black Hole

Holy crap, I had no idea this place was right in my backyard! I gotta make a trip this weekend.

Welcome to The Black Hole – Ed Grothus’ old supermarket and adjoining A-frame church piled deep with salvaged scientific equipment of all kinds. Of course this nerd’s paradise is located in Los Alamos, NM

More Computer Problems For The Lab

LANLs is in trouble again. A guy bought a salvaged computer from them that hadn’t been completely erased, unfortunately for them he works at a TV station.

KOB-TV of Albuquerque reported Thursday night that one of its photographers bought an Apple computer several weeks ago. “In the computer … we found documents labeled classified,” KOB reported.A Los Alamos spokesman said there is “little to no chance” classified information is on the computer and the station “misserved the public” and “jumped to erroneous conclusions.”Lab spokesman Jim Fallin said Friday that the computer “never, never would have used or produced classified information, nor was the computer ever in a classified area.”

Bushes In New Mexico

President Bush was in New Mexico today to sign his energy bill thingy. Los Alamos created the first nuke, but Sandia is doing things just as dangerous and interesting.

This energy bill is the one that is going to totally screw up all your gadgets that have automatic daylight savings time adjustments. You see, your clock is going to automatically update for daylight savings a month earlier and your toaster/microwave/alarm clock’s firmware probably can’t be updated. So get ready to throw it away and buy all new stuff.