Car Vs. Cow Accident In Rio Rancho

From local TV news station KOAT “Man Shaken Up After Slamming Into Cow

A Rio Rancho man said he’s lucky to be alive after his car crashed into a cow that walked into a busy street.
Action 7 News has detailed the cow crossing problems in Sandoval County for years, but reports of cow incidents have spiked in recent weeks.

Last Friday, Action 7 News reported on several cows that’d been getting through a cut fence line near King Boulevard in Rio Rancho. That cut fence line is just down the road from where Gill’s accident occurred.

Hard to believe that there’s enough out in the desert of Rio Rancho for cows to eat, but there are many of them out here, epecially near this area which is which is supposed to be downtown.


Lets All Panic About Nuclear Reactors!

Little Boy

The local TV news KOB would like everyone to know that UNM’s Nuclear Engineering Lab has a 1966 built nuclear reactor. Now panic.

It is a lesser known fact that UNM has a nuclear reactor on campus. Students use it for training. But in light of the threat of nuclear meltdown in Japan, some are wondering if it is even a good idea to have it.

It’s not a lesser know fact anymore since KOB is questioning if UNM should have one. Meanwhile New Mexico has a large number of military labs (maybe the most of any state) where nuclear bombs have been made for years (and who knows what other kinds of experimental weapons). New Mexico is the home of the Manhattan Project after all.

Meanwhile while everyone is panicking, they are buying out the local stock of potassium iodide.

Children Need To Be Taught The Truth About Dinosaurs

The local TV news stations KRQE has a news story about a preview event for the “Walking with Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular” show at the Santa Ana Star center in Rio Rancho. The show uses a combination of actors in costumes with animatronics to show very realistic dinosaurs which can walk freely.

In the preview event the video very clearly shows that they have what is reported to be a baby tyrannosaurus rex who interacts with children. Although the tyrannosaurus rex is not real, The children are allowed to pet it like it’s some sort of giant two-legged kitten (I have a kitten, they act just like this). The fact is that the tyrannosaurus rex is a very dangerous species of dinosaur much like all dinosaurs are.

Clearly the producers of Walking with Dinosaurs do not want children and adults to know the truth. If a child was to approach a real tyrannosaurus rex in real life, like they are in this preview event, the child would most likely be eaten. Parent’s need to teach their children the truth about how dangerous Dinosaurs are because clearly the makers of Walking with Dinosaurs cannot.

Update: More details of the show are on the Rio Rancho Observers website.

More On The iPhone Balloon Tracking Application

The local TV news station KOB has more on the iPhone balloon tracking application. The app is written by Anthony Cardinale and is a real time tracking application. It’s being tested by 5 ballon pilots and chase crews at this years Albuquerque Ballon Fiasco, I mean Balloon Fiesta.

“At some point, every pilot could be using this, and we are going to have a free version that allows people to come to the Balloon Fiesta and load it up to see where all the balloons are in real time,” Cardinale said.

Might make going to the Balloon Fiesta worthwhile.