Wired Magazine On The Southwest Megafires

Wired.com’s article “Megafires May Change the Southwest Forever

The plants and animals of the southwestern United States are adapted to fire, but not to the sort of super-sized, super-intense fires now raging in Arizona.

The product of drought and human mismanagement, these so-called megafires may change the southwest’s ecology. Mountainside Ponderosa forests could be erased, possibly forever. Fire may become the latest way in which people are profoundly altering modern landscapes.

The two closest fires to me are still burning. The Las Conchas Fire in the Jemez Mountains near Las Alamos is at 92,735 and is close to being the largest fire in New Mexico. The Pacheco Fire near Santa Fe and the Pecos Wilderness has burned a measly 10,000 acres and is 24% contained.

The Donaldson fire is much more south of me but has burned over 43,000 acres.

We are getting signs of Monsoon weather.


The Jemez Mountains Are On Fire

Jemez Mountain Fire as seen from Rio Rancho

I figure it was only a matter of time, with the dry windy weather conditions, that there would be a fire in Jemez. The official name of the fire is the Las Conchas Fire and it’s putting on a spectacular smoke display (and not in a good way).

The Pacheco Fire continues to burn near Santa Fe.

The La Conchas Fire now has a Inciweb entry and is already at 3500+ acres.

The Pajarito Mountain ski area web came has live video of the fire.