Cows Cause Danger And Shit In North Hills Rio Rancho

The cows in the North Hills subdivision Rio Rancho, NM by gregjsmith, on Flickr
The cows in the North Hills subdivision Rio Rancho, NM by gregjsmith, on Flickr

I’ve renamed the article titled “Free roaming cattle creating problems in Rio Rancho” to “Cows Cause Danger And Shit In North Hills” since that’s what it seems to be about.

Cow flops.

North Hills is plastered with them. They’re on the sidewalks. They’re in the parks. They’re even in your front yard! And that’s not the dangerous part about this herd of 8 or 9 cows.

“When you’re driving along the road and they just come popping out of the arroyo or something, it’s bad,” said North Hills homeowner Edward Kisner. “There’s cars going both ways. One will swerve into the other one’s lane. I’ve had close calls where I’ve almost made ground beef!”

We found the cattle shading themselves beneath a scrawny-looking juniper tree on the open range right next to the subdivision. Open range means the owner of the cattle doesn’t have to fence them in, It’s up to other property owners to fence them out – and North Hills is not exactly a walled fortress.


CD Piracy In Rio Rancho

From KOB “Large scale CD piracy operation suspected in Rio Rancho“:

Rio Rancho Police arrested Wands on Dec. 19, in what they call a large scale CD piracy operation.

Police suspect Wands copied CDs and then sold the music at area flea markets.

According to a criminal complaint Wands sold undercover investigators 4,000 bootleg CDs for $1,300.

He got a warning from the RIAA he was being investigated and he didn’t know it was illegal.

Intel Sends Scary Letter About Hydrogen Fluoride Emissions

From “Rio Rancho residents concerned over Intel emissions

Rio Rancho residents said they are worried about breathing toxic fumes after receiving a letter from Intel on Wednesday.

Thousands of residents found a monthly update from Intel in their mailbox, mentioning hydrogen fluoride emissions.

David and Aimee Thurlo said Intel has been a good neighbor, but the letter has them questioning their safety.

“The letter has absolutely no information on there. It is, to me, ambiguous,” Aimee Thurlo stated.

Good Job Intel. Send out a ambiguous letter about a chemical you have been emitting for years and freak every one out. No mention if it was also sent to residents of Corrales, who really hate Intel.

Lets All Panic About Nuclear Reactors!

Little Boy

The local TV news KOB would like everyone to know that UNM’s Nuclear Engineering Lab has a 1966 built nuclear reactor. Now panic.

It is a lesser known fact that UNM has a nuclear reactor on campus. Students use it for training. But in light of the threat of nuclear meltdown in Japan, some are wondering if it is even a good idea to have it.

It’s not a lesser know fact anymore since KOB is questioning if UNM should have one. Meanwhile New Mexico has a large number of military labs (maybe the most of any state) where nuclear bombs have been made for years (and who knows what other kinds of experimental weapons). New Mexico is the home of the Manhattan Project after all.

Meanwhile while everyone is panicking, they are buying out the local stock of potassium iodide.

Stop-N-Go: In-N-Out Burger Want-To-Be in Albuquerque

In-N-Out Burger hates Albuquerque. They refuse to build any restaurants in the State of New Mexico. (ok ok, perhaps they are trying not to go out of business by over expanding like Krispy Kreams. whatever). What happens where there’s unfulfilled demand? Knock offs, like Stop-N-Go that was found by KOB in southwest Albuquerque.

While In-N-Out Burger only serves burgers, Stop-N-Go serves wings. This isn’t a bad idea from my perspective. KOB fails to indicate if Stop-N-Go serves non-frozen meat, non-frozen french fries made right from the potato in the store and real ice cream shakes. So far the reviews on Yelp are not favorable.

It’s a bit far from Rio Rancho and doubt I will make it to that side of town unless I hear rave reviews. My waist line is better off in either case.

PNM Moving Massive Transformer Through Rio Rancho

The local electric utility in Rio Rancho, NM is scheduled to move a gigantic electrical transformer through the city.

The transformer will be hauled by a massive, specialized truck that has 174 wheels on 24 axles and is the length of a football field, or about 300 feet. It is expected to take 8 to 10 hours for the truck to move the transformer about 12 miles from railroad tracks in Bernalillo, through Bernalillo and Rio Rancho, to the switching station currently under construction northwest of Rio Rancho.

It’s supposed to travel from the railroad in Bernallio, up 550 to 528, then from 528 to Northern Avenue to where the pavement ends. This isn’t far from my house.

It was originally schedule for Sunday however PNM doesn’t have all the road permits so it will sit on the truck until it’s moved. Hopefully I can find out when it’s been rescheduled to move so I can get some video of the event.

Update: from PNM

All permits have been secured. The transformer will be moved through Bernalillo and Rio Rancho beginning shortly after midnight on Tuesday, Dec. 22. The move is expected to take 2-3 hours, given the minimal traffic at that time.

I was up for the move but it was too dark to record video with the gear I have.

Update 2: The Associated Press had a few articles on this event. Every single news paper in the country had the same article as the local news and TV stations. I did find a little original reporting.

Elizabeth Lambert Suspended

New Mexico is in the news with video of a University of New Mexico woman’s soccer player beating the shit out of BYU players. The video of Elizabeth Lambert has been making it’s way across the web and although KOB says all of the video of Elizabeth Lambert has been removed from YouTube, I found a video from the Associated Press which shows some of the incidents.

The Lobo’s website has a profile page up for Elizabeth Lambert which states:


Born Elizabeth Ann Lambert on December 29, 1988 … enjoys camping and surfing in her spare time … favorite food is tacos … is majoring in University Studies with a focus on Occupational Therapy

There’s a Occupational Therapy joke in there somewhere. What the profile fails to mention is that she was indefinitely suspended from UNM soccer. Although her official statement was that she was sorry (I hope so), I really wonder what her deal is. I hope she tells more about why she was so rough.