The Left And The Right On Albuquerque's Bicycle Bridge

Albuquerque built a $7 million bicycle bridge across the Rio Grande an named it after bicycling enthusiast Gail Ryba. It’s interesting to read how the left and right respond to the new bridge. On the left, former Mayor of Albuquerque Jim Baca likes it.

It is so great to see this structure named for her. She deserved it. It doesn’t happen many times that a good person’s memory is honored in an appropriate way

While on the right, Paul Gessing thinks it’s a waste of money.

I have to say that I think that folks like those living in this trailer could have used the $7 million dollars more than the wealthy yuppies who will benefit in some small way from this expensive new bridge (you can get to the Bosque Trail from the Montaño Bridge Bike Trail already). Oh well, such are the economics of our federal government’s failed “stimulus” policies.

Although I am not likely to ever use it, I think it’s a good use of money to build the bridge. Stimulus money or not. More bicycle paths in Rio Rancho would be better.

Update: Richard C at RFGWatch says Paul Gessing is dishonest.

Gessing could have easily checked on the bike path map (link) from the city of Albuquerque’s Web site to see that bike and multi-use paths go in all four directions from the area that he asserts is the end of the line.

Cactus And ATV Riders Don't Mix Well


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