Bomb Threat At The Intel Arizona Site

From, “Chandler police: Bomb threat made at Chandler Intel campus

Authorities are investigating a call received on Monday morning of a bomb threat at a building that is under construction at the Intel Corporation’s Ocotillo campus in Chandler.

The building was evacuated after the call was received at about 5:30 a.m. and that police and authorities at Intel are in the process of searching the building, Chandler police spokesman Seth Tyler said. The rest of the facility is still running, police said.

Tyler said authorities searching near the building “haven’t found anything” and that Intel has “been doing a lot of the search on their own.”

Update: Chandler police: No bomb found on Chandler Intel campus:

Authorities found no explosives after a bomb threat on Monday morning at a building under construction at the Intel Corporation’s Ocotillo Campus in Chandler.

The building was evacuated after a call was received at about 5:30 a.m. Police and authorities at Intel finished searching the building using bomb-sniffing canine units at about 2:30 p.m., Chandler police spokesman Seth Tyler said. The rest of the facility is still running, police said.

Tyler said authorities searching near the building did not find anything and that Intel had done a lot of the search on their own.

Construction workers working on the building were sent home around 10 a.m.


Intel May Or May Not Make Not Intel Chips, But May

An article on Reuters titled “Intel might make chips based on non-Intel cores” says.

“There are certain customers that would be interesting to us and certain customers that wouldn’t,” Chief Financial Officer Stacy Smith told journalists after an investor event in London on Thursday.

He said Intel would be happy to produce chip cores based on its own architecture for other companies but that allowing rival architectures to be manufactured in its plants would be a tough decision.

“If Apple or Sony came to us and said ‘I want to do a product that involves your IA (Intel architecture) core and put some of my IP around it’, I wouldn’t blink. That would be fantastic business for us.”

How about Apple or Apple?

Intel Advertisement "The Chase Film"

Sometimes Intel does a good job with an advertisement, The Chase Film is on of them. Intel’s marketing speak for the film:

To build excitement around the 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor, Intel is launching an action-adventure video titled “The Chase.” The spot demonstrates the performance capabilities of the new processors by creating an action-movie style chase sequence that takes place through a wide variety of program windows on a computer desktop.

The highest rated comment:

If it happened on my computer she would probably end up in porno.

Intel Infoscape Display At CES

Intel had a display system built specifically for CES which they call Infoscape or “the Intel Cube”. It includes two touchscreen glass walls measuring at 7 x 7 feet (1920 x 1920 resolution). The walls are equivalent to two HD displayed stacked on top of each other but they are a single screen. I can’t image who they got to build these custom screens or what they cost.

These screen are there to demonstrate Intel’s 2010 Core i7 processor and Intel HD graphics chips. Many bloggers were impressed including Engadget but says Intel’s not going to make it a product.

Intel confessed that it has absolutely no plans of commercializing something like this itself — but that’s not to say someone else couldn’t grab a Core i7 and run with the idea themselves.

It’s too bad that some other company has to come out with a impressive product like this. Video of the display can be seen at Intel’s page on YouTube.

Intel Wireless Display Announced At CES

Intel CEO Paul Otellini announced a new product at CES called Intel Wireless Display, or Wi-Di. It consists as an adapter that plugs into a HD TV set and allows streaming video and audio from a computer. That’s it.

Other than purchasing the adapter, I would expect the only requirement would be that the computer has WiFi. I would be wrong.

Processor ONE of the following: Intel® Core™ i7-620M processor, Intel Core i5-540M processor, Intel Core i5-520M processor, Intel Core i5-430M processor, Intel Core i3-350M processor, Intel Core i5-330M processor

Chipset ONE of the following: Intel® HM57, Intel HM55, Intel QM57, Intel QS57

Graphics Intel® HD Graphics

Wireless ONE of the following: Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6200, Intel Centrino Advanced-N +WiMax 6250, Intel Centrino Ultimate N 6300

Software Intel® My WiFi Technology and Intel Wireless Display must be pre-installed and enabled

OS Windows* 7 64-bit, Home Premium, Ultimate or Professional

Not only does it require a computer with the very latest Intel chips, it has to have all Intel chips. I expect completing technologies to come out that do not have technical requirements around a specific brand of chips. Also note: not Mac compatible.

Intel Slideshow On How Processors Are Made

Intel has a slide show on Tom’s Hardware on how Processors are made. I found it to be well done but I have to wonder if this is some sort of advertisement for Intel.


The ingot is then moved onto the slicing phase where individual silicon discs, called wafers, are sliced thin. Some ingots can stand higher than five feet. Several different diameters of ingots exist depending on the required wafer size. Today, CPUs are commonly made on 300 mm wafers.

Intel Preps Mac Mini Look-Alike

News that Intel wants to rip off the Mac mini.

A new Wintel prototype that openly apes Apple Computer’s popular Mac mini is due out this week, sources told Wired News, giving Intel a showcase to prove its chips are a match for anyone when it comes to tiny PC designs.

Working prototypes of the Mac mini look-alike running Microsoft Windows and based on Intel’s Pentium M CPU have already been built by Taiwan PC maker AOpen at Intel’s request, according to two sources in Taiwan’s PC manufacturing industry who have seen them.