The Cocoa Conspiracy: Albuquerque's iPhone Developers

KOB recently did an interesting article on a group of independent iPhone developers in Albuquerque who work at a coffee shop and call themselves the Cocoa Conspiracy. The group includes Andrew Stone of Stone Design who has a number of both Mac and iPhone applications.

Apparently Stone Design’s Twittelator Proicon is doing well. The article also talks about a very cool sounding hot air balloon and chase crew app.

“It can actually overlay the chase group’s position and the balloon’s location and speed over a map live. That way people can plan their routes to get to the balloon and where it’s going to land,”

That’s an awesome idea, I wish I would have thought of it. Albuquerque has “Largest balloon convention in the world” according to Wikipedia so it’s fitting that a app like this should be developed in Albuquerque.

I want to hook up with these guys perhaps they can give me some help in developing my own apps. The article fails to mention what coffee shop the “The Cocoa Conspiracy” hang out at.


Update: The group has a website at and apparently meet at the RB Winnings Coffee Thursdays at 9:30 am.


Local News Report On Hot Air Balloon Crashes In Rio Rancho

Check out this local news report of a balloon crash in Rio Rancho with some pretty graphic video. This balloon was taking part in the Balloon Fiesta this week. Overall, I believe the safety record of the Balloon Fiesta is pretty good but these crashes highlight just how little control the balloon pilots have compared to a plane.

UFO? Yes. Alien? Probably Not.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta started on Friday. Friday Morning there were, predictably, balloons over my house. When looking up at this one there was this very interesting pink “thing” way up in the atmosphere. I dismissed it as a plane at first but realized that it was just hovering there, then would move some and then hover some more.

It probably was just a high altitude balloon. It’s movement pattern was very strange however. Here’s a blow up of the dot. In the balloon picture you can see a very small dot at the top just off center to the left.

It’s something for sure. I suspect it’s a hot air balloon at it’s max altitude or some other type of balloon. I do not feel that it’s an alien or anything like that.


Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta UFO Identified As Balloon

I happened across this site where they took a picture of a UFO (UFO means unidentified, not a ailen spaceship). The photo is from the 1991 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

They have a great explantion of what they saw

One might be led to believe that I actually saw a UFO that is an extra-terrestrial vehicle that was large but far away. The fact is that I saw it at a crowded sitr and in a crowded sky. The photo was taken during a hot air balloon mass ascension and a balloon flew behind this curious object after I had taken the photo. Thus I was able to determine the object was no more than a few feet in diameter. My guess (and it is only a guess) is that it was some sort of mylar balloon reflecting the sunlight and caught in the wind, even though it appeared to be stationary and rotating from my vantage point. Or who knows….Maybe they are just really small aliens attending the balloon fiesta like I was!</blockquote

It’s good to see an actual explanation and not instantly assuming it’s a spaceship. As much as I would like to believe, the truth is really out there. I’m almost sure it’s always man made.