HP In Alpharetta Costs Rio Rancho Jobs

HP Facility in Rio Rancho, NM

In 2009 HP took the jobs from Colorado Springs to open a customer support center in Rio Rancho. HP is taking 200 of those jobs and moving them to Alpharetta, Georgia. From the Rio Rancho Observer “HP cutting 25% of local workforce“.

Hewlett-Packard is moving almost a quarter of its Rio Rancho positions to Georgia.
HP spokesman Michael Thacker said the corporation is moving about 200 local jobs in the Customer Solution Center to Alpharetta, Ga. The announcement was made Monday.
Rio Rancho employees may or may not move with their jobs, he said. HP will decide who moves and keeps their jobs, but Thacker said specifics weren’t available yet.
Mayor Tom Swisstack said the positions would be moved by Oct. 31.
“That’s a hard hit, a hard transition for the city,” he said. “Their average jobs paid about $50,000 a year.”

HP will have to pay the city as part of a clawback provision.

HP must pay a penalty each year it fails to meet its employment requirement from now until the end of the 15-year agreement. The size of the penalty is determined by multiplying the average shortfall throughout the year by the annual value of the incentives.
For example, if HP maintains its current level of 860 full-time equivalent employees this year, it will owe the city $53,715.08 next January.

HP will have to pay Rio Rancho roughly the cost of a yearly salary for one employee. I’m sure that will be covered by one of HP’s layoffs.

What’s bad for Rio Rancho is good for Alpharetta. At no time has HP actually created any new jobs.

Rio Rancho 58 On Money Magazine's Best Places To Live

Rio Rancho, NM is listed at number 58 on Money Magazine’s 100 places to live.

Top 100 rank: 58
Population: 93,100
Once a sleepy suburb of Albuquerque, Rio Rancho is coming into its own with employers like Hewlett-Packard and Intel helping add almost 2,500 jobs in the past couple of years. There’s now nightlife downtown in addition to many bike paths, parks, and horseback trails. The real estate market is still shaking off the doldrums of the housing downturn; while sales are picking up briskly, foreclosed homes dot the streets. Those on the buying side of the equation, however, can expect to find good deals.

I like living in Rio Rancho, but where is this downtown with the nightlife? And the bike paths and horseback trails are the same dirt roads.

Hewlett-Packard Opens Wednesday In Rio Rancho


Unlike like the Lions Gate film studios, Hewlett-Packard (HP) is actually opening their doors in Rio Rancho.

It’s the day that technology giant Hewlett-Packard opens its 218,000-square-foot customer service and technical support center in Rio Rancho’s City Center area.

HP officials will join city, county and state officials in welcoming HP to the City of Vision with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 9 a.m.

Mayor Tom Swisstack said the Hewlett-Packard project is ahead of schedule.


I took a drive down to the city center to look at the new building. It is located directly north of the Santa Anna Star Center. Many have criticized Rio Rancho for building a new down town in the “middle of nowhere”, I think it coming together nicely.

HP In Rio Rancho Costs Colorado Springs Jobs

What sounds like good news for my home town of Rio Rancho is bad new for Colorado Springs, CO. To open the new support center in Rio Rancho they are apparently closing one in Colorado Springs. 800 people have to move to Rio Rancho or lose their jobs.

HP told local workers that the Colorado Springs center is scheduled to close in the second half of next year, when the company plans to open a new center in the Albuquerque suburb that eventually will employ 1,200, said the sources, who said they were told not to disclose the information outside Hewlett-Packard.

I really feel for the people of Colorado Springs. In 2007 Intel announced they are closing their plant in Colorado Springs in which many of those people came to Rio Rancho. I checked out the Colorado Springs plant when they opened in 2000. It’s a beautiful town and I can imagine it will be tough for people to leave there.

HP Comes To Rio Rancho

HP is bringing 1300 jobs in the way of a support center to Rio Rancho. HP is receiving tax breaks and the 1300 jobs could be realized by 2012.

According to the Albuquerque Journal, it’s likely to be build near the new downtown in the same are where the Santa Anna Star Center is. Yet another building that can be added to the list of building to be built in the new downtown which actually are not.

In another example of crack reporting (or reporters on crack) at the Albuquerque Journal:

Jobs at Hewlett-Packard mostly would be in customer support and sales. They could help offset layoffs at Intel, which remains the state’s largest private-sector employer despite cutting about 1,000 jobs during the last year.

I’m not sure how that works. The Intel layoffs were last year and new HP jobs are not likely to come for a while. A year or two at least. Maybe they will come in time for the next round of layoffs.

In any case based on what I read on the Consumerists, HP needs all the support center help it can get.

Note: I don’t actually know of a new round of layoffs at Intel. I’m mostly being sarcastic but I wouldn’t bet on anything in these times.