Another Scoprion And Where The Hell Are They Coming From?


In early May I spotted the first scorpion of the year in the house. In the last few years I have been living here, this is the earliest I have seen on in the house. In previous years I didn’t start to see them until July.

I was sure they were coming in from the garage so I put diatomaceous earth throughout the garage and around the entrances to the house. Diatomaceous earth works good on insects because it’s very itchy to insects and it will suck the moisture out of their bodies. In the case of scorpions I’ve read that they will just avoid it.

Tonight I came home and found Saturn playing with something. The good news is Saturn found a scorpion the bad news is the scorpion made it past my defenses. That means that it either went around the diatomaceous earth or it came in another way.

I will start going around the perimeter of the house sealing up cracks. I’m not sure what else to do.

Rapid Weaver Continues To Piss… Me.. Off…

Rapid Weaver 3.6 has some great features. Enough to make me switch. I soon found out it had so bugs, specifically it would publish the enitre site instead of just the changes, even when I select “publish changes.” 3.6.1 & 3.6.2 were suppose to address this, I think. For me no dice. 3.6.2 was worse, it would crash while trying to publish anything.

Rapid Weaver 3.6.3 Beta seemed to finally fix both of these issues. I used it for a while and now it started crashing again. What the hell

I submitted bug reports and I hope they help, but I’ve had to switch back to 3.6.0.


New Mexico Might Declare Pluto a Planet

What the hell? New Mexico Might Declare Pluto a Planet (Via Slashdot.)

“Wired and others are reporting that for New Mexico, the fight for Pluto is not over. Seven months after the International Astronomical Union downgraded the distant heavenly body to a ‘dwarf planet,’ a state representative in New Mexico aims to give the snubbed world back some of its respect. State lawmakers will vote Tuesday on a bill that proposes that ‘as Pluto passes overhead through New Mexico’s excellent night skies, it be declared a planet.’ The lawmaker who introduced the measure represents the county in which Clyde Tombaugh, Pluto’s discoverer, was born. For many of us old timers, and those who had the honor of meeting Clyde, this just causes a belly laugh and is pure fun. Not to mention a bit of poking a stick in the eye.” now links to you

I’ve received a few of these emails, people inviting me to link to them because they linked to me. Them being businesses who are looking for google page rank increases (I’ve had very little, and I mean little popularity), I guess I show at the top of a few google searches.

I checked out their site and didn’t see my site in the links sections anywhere. I did learn that this Christian ISP blocks sites and seems to be quite proud of it. I do not agree with the concept of ISP blocking and for that reason I cannot return the link (note I didn’t actually include any links in the message). Not to mention that they refer to my site as forthehellofit when my site is For The H*ll Of it. What’s ironic is that the word hell might actually be filtered by them or the very concept of the word “hell” my be offensive to their clientele.

Subject: now links to you
Date: September 22, 2004 11:09:06 AM MDT

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Here is a description and a link to Family Safe Web to place on your site:

"Family Safe Web, the Family Friendly Internet Service Provider. Offering filtered Internet access using the most advanced filtering system available today. Service is affordable, reliable, fast, and not over-blocked." ""

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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