45 Foot Fall From Santa Fe Ski Lift


From the Santa Fe NewMexican Teen who fell from lift to gain national TV audience after video goes viral

An Albuquerque teenager who was virtually unscathed after falling about 45 feet from a chairlift at Ski Santa Fe earlier this month said he was terrified he would die if he fell, but he couldn’t hang on any longer.

Sheppard said the teen was transported via helicopter to University Hospital in Albuquerque as a precaution because patrollers didn’t know the extent of his internal injuries.

The youth suffered a lacerated liver and tears in both lungs, as well as a hairline skull fracture and a gash on his forehead that required 16 stitches. He spent three days in the intensive care unit, but was released without the need for any surgery and without a single broken bone.

The teen said he’s mostly healed now, but he is still waiting for doctors to clear him to play baseball because of concerns his liver might start to bleed again.

Lost Dutchman Mine Searcher Remains Found In Superstitions Mountains


People die looking for the Lost Dutchman gold mine in the Superstitions Mountains, including Jesse Capen from Denver. He apparently fell to his death on his first day of searching. From the Denver Post “Denver man’s search for Lost Dutchman mine likely ended in fall“:

At the end of November 2012, a day pack containing Jesse’s GPS equipment, his mother’s camera and his identification was found at the bottom of a 180-foot cliff on the same mountain. Searchers spotted a boot in steeper terrain above the day pack.

“All of a sudden — out of the blue — they found him,” David Capen said.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department sent a helicopter to the side of the cliff, and deputies rapelled down to a skeleton, which was retrieved in a wire basket.

Terrible Accident At Sandia Peak

Skier Dies At Sandia Peak” from KOAT.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — An avid skier died early Sunday afternoon after an accident at the Sandia Peak Ski Area.
Authorities said that an experienced skier was on an intermediate slope when he crashed into another skier and then ran into a pole supporting a ski lift.
A helicopter was dispatched from University of New Mexico Hospital and landed on top of the mountain, but the EMS crew decided to drive the skier to the hospital. At some point after the skier was transported, the skier passed away.
The U.S. Forest Service was notified, and the ski patrol was conducting an investigation with the Sandia Mountain manager.

Helipads Banned In Scottsdale

I guess this sucks if you have a helicopter and live in Scottsdale. The advantage of owning a helicopter is you can live pretty far away.

Only a handful of residents have commuted via helicopter since then, but planners said that they feared more helicopters would start hovering since street traffic is so congested. About three years ago, some homeowners began complaining about noise from heli-commuting neighbors.

Helicopter Shooter Arrested

The guy who allegedly shot down the helicopter on the west side of Albuquerque has been arrested.

Authorities said they arrested Jason Kerns, 29, Monday night in the driveway of his home in the 9900 block of Columbus Circle in northwest Albuquerque — not far from where the crash happened Aug. 6.

As part of an arrest warrant released Tuesday, Kerns was said to be one of the first on the scene the night the chopper went down. Court documents indicate that Kerns came under suspicion almost from the get-go.

He stated hearing a gunshot and seeing the chopper fall, but police officials stated his story was misleading.

In a written statement, Kerns describes the chopper as disturbing his dog and said he was getting annoyed because it was there so long and flying so low.

Sheriff’s records released Tuesday showed that Jason Kerns told investigators it would be no problem for him to “make that shot.” He faces charges of assault with intent to commit a violent felony upon an officer, criminal damage to property and tampering with evidence in the Aug. 6 shooting.

Sheriffs Helicopter Shot Down

The Bernalillo County (New Mexico) Sheriff’s Department Helicopter crashed this week on the west side of town, a few miles from where I live. It’s now being reported (with pics) that the helicopter was shot down

The sheriff’s helicopter was scouring Paradise Hills late Friday night and into Saturday morning when the pilot heard a loud pop and his chopper started to vibrate.

That’s pretty scary, what kind of gun could bring down a helicopter? I almost imagine that some punk kids or drunks were messing with some guns and shot it down by accident, not thinking that they would come close to it.