Intel Infoscape Display At CES

Intel had a display system built specifically for CES which they call Infoscape or “the Intel Cube”. It includes two touchscreen glass walls measuring at 7 x 7 feet (1920 x 1920 resolution). The walls are equivalent to two HD displayed stacked on top of each other but they are a single screen. I can’t image who they got to build these custom screens or what they cost.

These screen are there to demonstrate Intel’s 2010 Core i7 processor and Intel HD graphics chips. Many bloggers were impressed including Engadget but says Intel’s not going to make it a product.

Intel confessed that it has absolutely no plans of commercializing something like this itself — but that’s not to say someone else couldn’t grab a Core i7 and run with the idea themselves.

It’s too bad that some other company has to come out with a impressive product like this. Video of the display can be seen at Intel’s page on YouTube.


Mount Hood Flyby Video From The iPhone 3GS

I took some video while flying near Mount Hood in Oregon from my iPhone 3GS. I posted it to Flickr, which I prefer to YouTube due to the better privacy controls. But Flickr only allows 90 seconds of video. I also posted a version to YouTube but I think I may force myself to keep my iPhone videos to less than 90 seconds.

Now that I’ve had some time to use the video capabilities from the iPhone I find it’s OK but not great. It can be a lot better when there’s good lighting. It won’t replace my HD video camera anytime soon but ability to instantly upload to online video sharing sites is a huge advantage.

Since the built in iPhone camera application doesn’t support uploads to Flickr for videos, I used the $2.99 Mobile Fotosicon app.

Say Hello To Saturn (The Cat)

A 5 month old kitten adopted a coworker of mine. She showed up on his door step one day and made her self at home. He tried to keep her for about a week, he even took her to the vet and had her checked out, but for various reasons couldn’t and his next option was to send her to the pound.

Now the kitten, which I have named Saturn, lives with me. She has a grey and black tabby coat. She is a polydactyl cat with 6 toes on both of her front feet. She looks like she is walking around on baseball mits. She still needs shots, spayed and to be declawed.

OK I admit it: she’s adorable and I never imaged I would own a cat or even a kitten for that matter. It’s been a little over a week since she first came into my house and it’s been an interesting experience. I’m happy to report that she hasn’t caused any trouble with urinating on anything and has used the litter box for all her waste needs.

She seems to have four modes. Spaz mode is one of the most common. Yesterday she was in super spaz mode where she went nuts nocking everything off the coffee table, jumping on and chewing on things. That ended when she jumped off the couch, slid onto the coffee table and into a box. Both her and the box crashed into the TV. She then ran into the bedroom for about 20 minutes. When she came out she was much calmer.

Her other modes include patrol mode, where she walk around the perimeter of the house. Love me mode is where she wants to sit in my lap no matter where I am or what I’m doing. Keep your distance mode is where she wants to keep me in site and observe but not come near me.

Due to the coyotes that live near in the area, Saturn will be an indoor cat. I posted a HD video of Saturn’s first look at the aquarium on YouTube.

President Obama's Drive To Rio Rancho High School>

Here’s some video I shot of President Obama’s drive to Rio Rancho High School on Thursday. It was recorded and uploaded in HD to YouTube.

The first part of the video is the drive down Loma Colorado. I couldn’t drive and film at the same time so set the camera on the dashboard. You can see the camera crews and protesters on the left. The New Mexico Independent says there were about 100 protestors.

The second part of the video shows the presidents cadillac one and the following motorcade driving up Northern Blvd. The Lowes parking lot gave a great vantage point. In retrospect I should have walked down and filmed from the corner of Northern Blvd and Loma Colorado.

For some reason strangers always come up and talk to me and a several people asked me why we were all watching. Many were pissed that they couldn’t drive down Northern Blvd.

baltolover272 has posted a video of Presidnet Obama leaving the high school.

KRQE has Obama’s address on YouTube as well.

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Thanks CableOne For Fixing My Intertubes

The company I hate the most is the phone company. The second company I hate the most is the cable company. At least it used to be. When I lived in Albuquerque, I had Comcast cable internet because they were the monopoly there. Now that I’m in Rio Rancho I have Cableone. The first thing I liked about CableOne is they didn’t charge me a surcharge for just having Cable internet without TV. (In fact I did have their TV service for a short while, but their HD selection was poor and the Motorolla DVR was extremely poor).

In the 3 years I’ve had their service there’s been a few downtimes not related to them, but most of my issues have been at my house. For the last few months I’ve had to reset the cable modem a many times and last week no amount of reseting it was bring back my fix. I went down to my least favorite of stores and bought a new one. No luck, it worked just as good as the other one.

I broke down and called CableOne tech support. It involved me entering my account number into the automated system then being directed to a person within a few minutes. The guy on the phone tried to remotely access my modem and was unable to, so he proceeded to set up appointment for a technician to come out.

He asked when if I could be available the next day and I said I can and the sooner the better. So he tells me to hold on then comes back to the phone and asks if I am can have them come out right now. This is at about 4pm .

Uh… heck yeah.

There were two cable one vans at my house within a hour. They came in and checked a few things. Then went outside to the side of the house. About a half hour later my internet was working.

There was some sort of connector that they had to dig up and replace. Apparently the previous owners dog had chewed it up and it took this long to fail.

Cable one doesn’t isn’t as cheap as Quest but I’m not complaining.

KOB's Breaking News Abuse

It’s been windy as heck yesterday and today, which helped to make for some spectacular fires in the bosqe near Belen. Of course there’s evacuation, peoples property or worse is effected. I expect the news stations to report on it, but there a point where they go too far. Here’s my list of why it gets too annoying.

  • The overlay banner at the bottom of the screen causes the High Def programming to switch to standard definition.
  • The overlay banner at the bottom of the screen stays on constantly for what seems like hours. They need to just have it on for a minute then turn it off.
  • The overlay banner reports the same information over and over, with little or no change. Again, turn it off for a while if there’s nothing new.
  • The overlay banner tells me over and over how I can turn into the news station at the next normal broadcast time to learn more. Well no fucking shit sherlock, did I think you were going to forget about it? Lets call this what it is, a attempt to advertise your own ego inflated new show.
  • The current show is interrupted with a news person to tell us what the banner has been saying, and the banner is still running.
  • The current show is interrupted at the very end, just before the news broadcast, for breaking news and the ending of the current show is never shown. Since we couldn’t wait 2 minutes for the local news.

At this point I’m already annoyed with this channel for ruining the HD show I was watching and have switched to another channel or started watching something on the DVR. When it comes time watch the local news, I won’t be watching your dam channel.