Master Bedroom Remodel: It's Almost Complete

Its hard to belive that I can call a project complete, but I’m getting so close to the Master Bedroom project being complete.

Last month I hired someone to finish the drywall in both the bedroom and bathroom (along with a hallway issue). They taped and cleaned up the parts where the new and old dry comes together then textured them.

Master bedroom needs a closet door

Since then I have painted, put in a new door and installed the closet hardware. The only thing left is to put in trim, all the outlet covers and a closet door. Those will be completed once I decide exactly what I want.


my daughter and her boyfriend have been having open sex in the hallway

My favorites from the most recent Rants and Raves of the Rio Rancho Observer. Perhaps the second parents kid was having sex with the first parent’s kid.

“As a parent of a senior at Rio Rancho High School, I am in shock to have just found out that my daughter and her boyfriend have been having open sex in the hallway during lunch. Apparently there are no cameras or monitors of any kind! As a concerned parent for the safety of my children, I guess I was more focused on weapons being taken to school, drugs being sold to my children and gangs trying to recruit unsuspecting prey. Never would I have ever thought that sex in the hallway could go unnoticed, especially by staff or students.”

“Why I wouldn’t shake the hand of the Rio Rancho High School principal: My daughter is a blended student and takes a class at Rio Rancho High School. One day she called me in tears to pick her up early. She had been dropped for minor infractions. I tried to talk to Principal Richard VonAncken that Friday but found out he was too busy to talk with me. I went Monday to talk with him. I was never given the courtesy of a phone call; He would not see me on Friday. I learned that my daughter was no longer allowed on Rio Rancho High School’s campus from a police officer. The only paperwork I got was a trespassing warrant. I pay taxes; I served in the armed forces for 23 years. Is this how the schools treat people?”

Spiders. Spiders. SPIDERS!

Wolf SpiderUnknown Spider 2

I know when It’s spring time when the spiders start showing up in the house. In the last week I’ve been vacuuming up cellar spiders. Cellar spiders are harmless, but they make a huge mess with their web.

Tonight the big guns started showing up. First one was a good sized, about silver dollar sized, wolf spider. This guy saw me coming but I was able to track him down with my vacuum. Right after I got that guy I went back down the hallway and saw this good sized black spider right where I was. Where the heck did this guy come from? What kind of spider is it? I have no idea but it got vacuumed up too.

I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of spiders but as I’ve got little tolerance for them or bugs in general since I’ve moved into this house. I know they are harmless to people and they are good for the environment by eating other bugs but I don’t like them scurrying around my house. With the scorpions and the spiders, I may just have to get out some insecticide.

Bizarre TSA Freeze Command

Boing Boing had this today

I walked from the arrival gate towards baggage claim, and when I was about halfway there, all of a sudden about a dozen or more TSA personnel and private security staff appeared, shouting STOP WHERE YOU ARE. FREEZE. DO NOT MOVE. Not just at me, but all of the travelers who happened to be wandering through the hallway at that moment.

I made a comment on that post that the exact same thing happened to me.

This happened to me when i was in PDX a few weeks ago. I was leaving the secured area after getting off a plane, i was near the screeners but not yet through. The TSA people started yelling and did the same thing you described and had everyone freeze.

It only lasted a few minutes for me.

My tax dollars at work. Whatever.

The Evil Plague Of Summertime Insects

camel cricket

Last year it started with spiders. Big scarry looking spiders. All harmless. Then I had Scorpions. 7 to be exact. I had big gaping holes between the door jamb and wall leading out to the garage. I filled those gaps with expanding foam. I also weather sealed the front door. I’ve had no further problems spiders or scorpions since then, but that was near the end of summer.

This summer I’ve only had a few spiders, nothing like last year and so far no scorpions. But I have had crickets and crickets and more crickets. My weapon of choice is the Dyson. For several nights in a row, I vacuumed up around 6 crickets at a time.

The thing about crickets, they seem to hang out where they came into the house. I was finding most of them coming from one area of the living room. After a few days, I started looking around and found a big crack between the fireplace and the wall. There were even crickets in it. I filled all the cracks around the fire place with expanding foam. This has blocked off the main cricket highway.

Now I’m finding a few in the hallway. I’m finding at least two a night under the refrigerator. The other thing about crickets is the male makes the chirping noise to attract the female. Whenever a male is chirping, there’s almost always a female nearby.

Craigslist Finds

Maple Desk – I love this desk and a absolute bargain at $149. I wouldn’t be able to fit it down my hallway.